You’re just about to run out the door and you’ve smudged your polish or overdosed on fragrance. Don’t panic, with these expert tricks, you’ll be back to beautiful in seconds.

1. Clumpy mascara 

Fast Fix: If an attempt to achieve lush lashes derails into sticky clusters, act immediately as mascaras are formulated to dry quickly. Wipe your mascara wand with a napkin or paper towel (not tissues as they shed fibres) and wiggle it from the roots to ends to separate the lashes and make them look distinct without removing too much formula.

To prevent future clump crisis, wipe your mascara wand before sweeping mascara onto lashes. It’s easier to add more than it is to take it off and try an anti- clump mascara like

Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara, the staggered bristles grab each individual lash very close to the root and lift-up and out.

2. Eyebrow Gap 

Fast Fix: All it takes is one false move with your tweezers and you can leave a bald spot in a perfectly shaped brow. To fill the gap, brush brow hairs in the opposite direction so the bare area is more visible, and then use an ultra-fine eyebrow pencil like Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler, to cover it with light feathery strokes. Brush the brow back into place. This technique works as it gives the eyebrow a natural look opposed to a drawn on look.

3. Streaky Self-Tanner 

Fast Fix: If the sexy leg look you tried to achieve with fake tan looks uneven, lighten the dark streaks and darken pale areas to create a uniform appearance. To soften deep colour, stroke the area with a lemon wedge (citric acid is a natural exfoliant) or a cotton round soaked in hydrogen peroxide, a bleach.

To fill in light streaks, even out the colour by applying tinted self-tanner like Lancôme Flash Bronzer $42 with a make-up wedge. 

4. Perfume overdose

Fast Fix: An easy beauty mishap. To remove fragrance’s concentrated base, rub skin with an unscented baby wipe or a cotton ball soaked in scentless toner. To vaporise a scent that you have sprayed on clothing, blast the fabric with a hairdryer for 30 seconds.

5. Too-Light Highlights 

Fast Fix: Ideally you should have a colourist correct your botched-up highlights, but in the meantime, wash your hair twice with a colour depositing shampoo like, Dphue Cool Brunette Shampoo. It will deepen the blonde highlights adding just the right amount of rich honey colour.

6. Cakey Face Powder

Fast Fix:  Make dusty skin look dewy again by spraying the face with a hydrating mist such as Wander Beauty Glow Getter Mist, which also works great as a mid-day pick me up. Hold the bottle an arm’s length from your face, close your eyes and spray twice, letting the mist fall onto your skin.

7. Hair Serum Overload

Fast Fix: No time to shampoo out the greasy styling serum? Not a problem! Camouflage oily locks with a 3cm wide headband or scarf placed near the hairline, where excess products tend to gravitate. Another way to soak up the serum is to use a great dry shampoo like First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo.

8. Smudged Polish

Fast Fix: Dip the ball of a finger from the opposite hand into nail polish remover, try Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover and gently blend away the smudge. Add a coat of clear polish or topcoat instead of more colour which will make that nail darker than the others.

9. Over-Treated Skin

Fast Fix: To reduce redness and skin irritation caused by AHA’s and chemical exfoliants, soak a washcloth in equal parts iced water and milk and place over your face for 10 minutes. If flushing persists slather on Greek style yogurts onto your face and suck on an ice cube. The receptors on the roof of the mouth respond to cold by constricting blood vessels.

10. Too Much Blush or Bronzer

Fast Fix: The key to toning down an extra-bold cheek is to use a damp make-up sponge and blend the colour in towards the apple of the cheeks and then blend outwards.

Another alternative is to sprinkle translucent powder like the award-winning Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder to even out the colour.


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