Barely There Make-up

The Look: Subtle, fresh and seemingly effortless.

This look accentuates one’s natural beauty using only the bare minimum.

Why this look will be hot in spring? The light and airy feel on the face is perfect for any girl on-the-go while still allowing the busy girl to look her best this spring.

Tips: For the eyes, mascara only no eyeliner. Line the lips with a nude lip liner and use a light pink gloss. Top it off with a splash of bronzer on the cheekbones and around the eyes. Elegant, yet simple.

DOLCE&GABBANAThe blush Luminious Cheek Colour, Peach, $45USD

Dior5-colour Eyeshadow  Rosy Tan, 60USD

Cat Eyes

The Look: Sexy, Edgy and Bold.

One of the most popular makeup trends at New York Fashion Week. Everyone from Tracy Reese to Monique L’hullier incorporated the look in their shows.

Why we love it? It adds a sense of mystery to any woman while allowing her to look glamorous at the same time. It’s the perfect accent for a night out with the girls or even better to create that intriguing eye for that special first date.

Tips: Start with a black pencil to create the shape you want, go over it with a liquid liner and finish with a jet black eye shadow on top. If you want to turn it up a notch you can use fake eyelashes as well.

ILLAMASQUE False Eyelashes, $15USD

MARC JACOBS Magic Marc’er Precision Pen, $30USD


The look: Orange is the new black?

We didn’t see a lot of people walking down the runway in jumpsuits this year but we did see an overwhelming amount of the color orange in other places. From orange lips to orange lids even orange nails. Maybe orange really is the new black.

Why we love it? It’s bright, vibrant and it makes a statement, giving any look an extra pop!

Tips: Make sure you are wearing a neutral colored outfit in order to create the contrast you desire. Find the right shade of orange to compliment your skin tone and wear it with confidence!

GUERLAIN Rouge Automatique, Deep Mandarin Orange Sheen, $35USDGIVENCHY Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer, Bright Tangerine Orange, $20

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