We are, I believe in one of the toughest times right now – we are battling a deadly pandemic and dealing with the effects of racial injustice.

The later has hit a nerve with so many people world-wide that we are demanding change and reform, so that the cycle in which black men and women, are harmed by those who are supposed to protect them ends.

To support and stand behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ I am proud to share the stories of the women who have created these successful beauty brands that I love and hopefully you will too…

Naturalicious – Gwen Jimmere, Founder

Naturalicious is an organic, all-natural hair care brand with products for women of color with naturally, kinky or curly hair with a mission to eliminate the frustration, time and expense that can come with hair maintenance. As the first African American woman to own a patent for natural hair products founder and CEO Gwen Jimmere is a true trailblazer. Having started her company after getting laid off and going through a divorce with a young child, she created and grew Naturalicious to be a successful sought out brand. Gwen is managing her small empire remotely all while raising and educating her 8-year-old son. Naturalicious is sold in hundreds of stores nationwide including Whole Foods and Sally’s. Above all else, Gwen wants women to feel beauty as they are. ‘Naturalicious exists to enhance the beauty that’s already there and give you more time for the things that matter most.’

Liquid moisture infusion styling creme, $8USD

OrganiGrow – Kay Cola, Founder

Kay Cola is a Jill of all trades. In addition to running two companies, Kay is a mother of three, author, Grammy nominated songwriter and recording artist and self-proclaimed health nut. After a terrible haircut and years of tough haircare that left her hair in bad condition, Kay decided she wanted her natural, curly hair back. After years of research and experimentation with all-natural ingredients, she developed a formula that gave her curls that exceeded all expectations! The positive reaction and overwhelming inquiries for her secret inspired her to turn her development into a business.  Four years later, the vegan and organic collection has expanded from haircare to include skincare, vitamins and supplements.

Hair Co DRYPOO for Dark Hair, $13USD

Hanahana – Abena Boamah, Founder

“Hanahana began from a simple want to truly feel confident in my own skin.” Says Abena. Four years ago, I decided that I was over buying skincare products without knowing what was actually in them. I went back to what I knew, shea butter! As a child, my mother would heat up shea butter and cloves and add them to her body butter concoctions for our family to use. If you had a muscle pull, “use nkuto” was the answer ( nkuto is the Twi name for shea butter). Your head hurts? Rub nKuto”. “Dry skin? “Use Nkuto” – it was the go-to in our household.

All of the information I gathered, and my experiences lead me to my decision to start a business. Through curiosity and research, I discovered the lack of transparency and sustainability within the beauty industry. This also led me to the Katariga Women in Tamale, Ghana. Immersing myself in the community inspired me to not only think creatively about creating my brand but to also teach women to look deeper into Hanahana Beauty’s vision which is to uplift women of color and develop products from sustainable direct sourcing.

Beauty Shea Butter, $7USD

Oyin Handmade – Jamyla Bennu, Founder

Founded in 2001, Oyin Handmade hair and skin products are a collection of completely handmade cosmetics and body care products designed to meet today’s health, beauty, and style needs while also improving personal health and wellness with natural and organic ingredients. “I started Oyin because I had a need for naturally sourced ingredients in hair care for my highly textured natural hair,” Jamyla says. “At the time, there weren’t a lot of products. So, I started whipping them up in my kitchen.”

Oyin Handmade’s Founder & Grand Mixtress Jamyla Bennu is a part of Facebook’s Small Business Council and was recently highlighted in their “She Means Business” women’s business profile series.

In addition to shipping from their website oyinhandmade.com, this Baltimore-based Black owned business maintains a flagship boutique in Baltimore and products may also be found at select Whole Foods Market, CVS, and Rite-Aid stores nationwide.

Hair Dew
Moisturizing Leave-in Hair Lotion, $13.99USD


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