Coach’s fall 2020 campaign is all about family, so it was only fitting that the face of the brand Jennifer Lopez include her mom Guadalupe and 12-year-old twins Max and Emme in the latest promotional photoshoot. 

In addition to showing off their modelling chops, J. Lo’s kids also starred alongside her in a campaign video shared exclusively with E! News.

“They’ve been great today,” the multi-hyphenate says. “Max has been on his best behaviour; trying to be. I’ve worked with Emme before a few times. But having the both of them here is a blessing.”

Jennifer then mentions her daughter’s request to get an Instagram, prompting Emme to speak up, “Cause my cousin has it and I want it!”

“She’s on Tok-tok,” J. Lo responds, adding, “We got some good pictures today!”

“I want a YouTube channel!” Max chimes in.

They grow up so fast!

Jennifer also expresses her gratitude for having her kids on set: “Listen, working with these guys is a blessing for me. They wind up teaching me more—way more—than I could ever teach them.”

“How though?” Max adorably asks.

“Many ways,” his mom responds, though he’s still curious. “As you get older you will know.”

He fires back, “Will I though?”

Throughout the rest of the campaign video, Jennifer continues to discuss her kids, in addition to her love for Coach and what she’s been up to since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s so funny, during this time you would think we didn’t get a lot done,” she explains. “But me and my team, because we were home and not on a set every day, or not touring, doing all the things that we do and we were home, we were able to concentrate on all these things that we have in development and things we wanted to work on for a long time.”

Jennifer continues, “I finished an album, we had a movie that we finished that’s coming out in February called Marry Me. That has an album. New singles. I’m working on new music that’ll be out in the next month or two. I have three or four movie projects over the next year. A tour, a world tour that we’re gonna do.”

Despite Jennifer’s dedication to her career, this extended period of time at home has allowed her to sort her priorities for the future: “And even though I have a ton of work coming up, I think I’ll never forget during this time how much balance that I needed to kind of incorporate in my life.”

“And then I had got caught up in a rat race of just working, and working and working,” she adds. “And I don’t think I’ll let it happen again. I’ll still work a lot because I’m an artist and it feeds my soul to do what I do. But being at home with my kids and taking those much-needed chunks of time off to be with them is something that’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.”

By Allison Crist

See full interview here


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