Looking after my skin has always been a top priority. My reasoning is that you can always throw on a hat when you’re having a bad hair day, but your skin is not so forgiving. It’s there on display for all to see and is vulnerable to the environmental elements.

During this lock down (again…) I’ve discovered that our skin’s needs change every day and if you pay attention you will begin to see the changes and know when it needs a moisture surge, exfoliation or even a massage.

Plus, as Summer is upon us and our make-up is minimal, now’s the time to boost our skin’s natural radiance.

Here is my daily skincare ritual for you to follow daily, weekly or even monthly!

Step 1: Steam and Cleanse

I love to steam my face as it clears my nasal passages, opens up my pores to expel toxins and loosens dead surface skin. I always add a single drop of aromatherapy oil – lavender if I need to relax, orange to revive my mood and frankincense if I am anxious. I then reach for my Clarisonic, add my Venn Moisture-Balance All-in-One Face Cleanser, $65USD, which is full of antioxidants, fragrance-free and gives skin an extra hydration boost. I rinse thoroughly and I mean thoroughly. I use splashes of water until my skin is tingling.

Venn Moisture-Balance
All-in-One Face Cleanser, $65USD

Step 2: Exfoliate

I exfoliate daily, so it means I have at least three different types of exfoliants on hand. For a super, zealous exfoliation when my skin looks dull and almost grey, I use DefenAge 2-Minute Reveal Masque, $72USD. If my skin looks pretty translucent, I opt for a foaming exfoliant like Boscia Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex. $38USD, that leaves my skin looking fresh and alive. For days when I need just a gentle yet effective exfoliant I use Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub, $28USD. Its’ luxe cream formula contains natural pumice to purify and gently buff away dull skin without stripping skin’s natural oils.

Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex, $38USD

Step 3: Tone

I know lots of people don’t use a toner but again, it’s a daily step I do each day. Here are three of my favourites: La Prairie Cellular-Refining-Lotion $115USD, as it’s so soothing on my skin. When my skin is feeling particularly congested, I reach for Biologigue Recherche P50, $28USD for 1.7oz. Another favorite is Fourth Ray Waterfall Gentle Tonic, $14USD.

La Prairie

Step 4: Mask

This is always a favorite daily step! With all the different types of sheet masks jam-packed with vitamins and minerals it’s a no-brainer to slap one on each day. For those with an oily complexion choose a clay-based mask to draw out impurities and if you have sensitive skin try one of the new CBD formulations as they soothe and revitalize skin.

Hemp CBD
Marine Hydration Facial Sheet Mask, $15USD

Step 5: Firm and Plump

I’ve been using Nu-Face since its launch and I’m still addicted! The results are proof that stimulating the skin with micro-current frequency smooths and plumps skin. So, ok, it’s short lived but a few hours of skin perfection are worth the daily 15-minute ritual.

Trinity, $325USD

Step 6: Serum

My skin care hero is serum. I use one daily and mix-it-up by applying a different one each day depending on what my skin needs…Stem-Cell for repairing, Hyaluronic to plumb and Caviar to nourish the skin. I use my Jade roller to massage the serum in as it also promotes de-puffing and lymphatic drainage.  Always roll in an upward motion, starting in the centre of the face and moving towards your temples. Move across the forehead then along each side of your nose.

Step 7: Moisturise

The final step is a nourishing moisturiser and eye cream. Right now, I’m loving Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme, $46USD, which offers deep hydration without feeling heavy. Ceramides and fatty acids help restore the skin’s barrier and smooth the complexion. It’s my perfect summer cream.

Ole Henriksen
C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme, $46USD


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