A spa visit has always been my ultimate indulgence where I can escape from my daily stresses. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 upon us a visit to a spa has not been possible. But, wouldn’t it be nice to experience the luxury of a spa every day? Well, I’ve discovered that a bathroom remodel can do just that by bringing the essential elements of the spa into your own home.

Interior Designer, Jhoiey Ramirez of Studio Jhoiey did just that! She transformed the master bedroom and bathroom of this year’s Pasadena Showcase House into a space of wellness and relaxation. When Jhoeiy started the remodel, it was not yet known that a pandemic would soon befall the nation and the world. Luckily, Jhoiey is well known for designing residential sanctuaries, emphasizing wellness through light, color, nature and technology, all of which she knew she would bring into this project. Her expertise is particularly relevant for this year’s project, a 1937 Federal Country estate. Jhoiey wanted the primary bed and bath suite to offer the home’s owners a respite from the outside world, and the resulting space is a self-care oasis.

The bathroom suite brings in elements of biophilia through its tropical green and white Botanicals wall tile from Walker Zanger, a bold yet soothing statement. The space also contains the ultimate in tech and wellness integration: ThermaSol’s Smart Shower with steam and Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead, all easily controlled by the ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen control. ThermaTouch allows for customizable features from precise control over water and steam temperature and duration to lighting, sound, chromatherapy and aromatherapy. Its Tranquillity setting provides pre-programmed scenes to offer the homeowners a chance to quietly soothe themselves by watching a crackling fire or a babbling forest brook from within the shower. An exquisite copper bathtub from Americh coupled with polished gold faucets and fixtures from Franz Viegener elevate the room, giving the feeling of a luxurious spa retreat. The mix of visually arresting finishes and colors combined with soothing neutrals create an otherworldly at-home sanctuary.










Just a few steps away is the primary bedroom suite that is painted in deep greens and adorned with a balance of calming classicism and modern metal touches. The suite even has its own whiskey bar from London-based lifestyle brand Buster + Punch; the handmade standalone piece opens up to hold all the necessities for a relaxing nightcap. Jhoiey is known to utilize a variety of lighting sources in her designs, and in this space, she combines seemingly contrasting styles like Buster + Punch’s industrial HOOKED sconces and Allegri Crystal’s grand 15-light crystal flush mount to thoroughly layer the space in a warm glow. After winding down with a self-care routine in the spa-like bathroom, the comforting bedroom suite is the ultimate place to rest and relax at the end of the day.

After my walk through I was totally inspired (and very reluctant to leave!) to transform my own bathroom and bedroom into an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

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