For nearly a century REVLON has been a brand of firsts, shining a light on the power of women as individuals and then celebrating that uniqueness with pure joy.

In another first, Delta Goodrem will be joining a global cast of dynamic, strong, and fearless women as Revlon’s first Australian Brand Ambassador.

To mark the occasion, Revlon will feature Delta in a campaign that celebrates the Live Boldly philosophy of the brand, along with Delta as a multi-dimensional woman, someone who lives life boldly, fully, freely and with purpose.

Delta Goodrem, says, “Revlon is an iconic brand that continues to evolve, develop, and push boundaries. We are not one thing or one moment. No woman is, and Revlon’s Live Boldly message is an important one – standing for self-expression, empowerment and recognising the beauty and brilliance in each one of us. A woman who is fearlessly herself, who boldly takes chances, lives with purpose, and chases her dreams. I am thrilled to be the REVLON Brand Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand.”

“Delta Goodrem is the essence of that sentiment; she has always been a trailblazer and a woman who understands the beauty of knowing her own voice. We are honoured to name her as Revlon’s first Australian Brand Ambassador.” Kaitlin Rady, General Manager Revlon.


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