The next time you have the urge to cook up a storm, why not make your own beauty products instead. Now is the perfect time! Take advantage of this lock done and stock up your pantry with all things Beauty-full!

Honey Hair Conditioner

For Fine Hair That tends To Dry Out

You’ll need:

  • One egg
  • One teaspoon of runny honey (zap briefly in the microwave)
  • Two Teaspoons of Olive Oil

Mix ingredients in a bowl and apply to wet hair, massaging into scalp. Wrap Gladwrap around your hair, dunk a large towel in very hot water, twist to remove excess water and wrap around your head. After 15 minutes, rinse your hair with cool water then shampoo thoroughly. This is great for hair that tends to tangle easily, hair will be easy to manage for days.

Lemon Hair Spray

This Is Great For Fair or Greasy hair

 You’ll need:

  • One Lemon

Squeeze the fruit, strain the juice, pour into a spray bottle and there you have it one citrus hair spray. It’s great to apply before you blow-dry your hair as it adds body and staying power to your blowout. It may feel a little stiff if you have added too much – if so, add some water to dilute it and continue drying. I love to use this on my blonde locks during summer as it brightens my hair color and leaves it with a megawatt shine!

FOR A QUICK SKIN PICK-ME-UP, try one of these delicious hair masks. There’s one to suit your skins needs.

Banana Mask

A simple, but effective mask for a smooth complexion

 You’ll need:

  • One ripe banana, mashed
  • One teaspoon of milk powder
  • One teaspoon fresh carrot juice

Mix well and apply all over face. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Fruit and Vegie Mask

For blemished, problem skin

Try using a mask made of fresh puree or juices of fruit and vegetables blended with cottage cheese or honey. I love mashed up tomato, apple, spinach and cucumber with the juice of half a lemon. Mix and leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse well.

Oily Skin Mask

The combination of one egg white and half a teaspoon each of tomato and grapefruit juice is excellent for an oily complexion and will leave your skin feeling super fresh and awake.

Honey Skin Repair

This Cream is ideal for Sunburned or Dry Irritated Skin

You’ll need:

  • Four tablespoons clear honey
  • Three tablespoons white beeswax grains (from a health food store – try Erewhon)
  • Three tablespoons almond oil
  • One teaspoon comfrey root powder (Erewhon)

Melt honey, beeswax and almond oil in a double saucepan over gentle heat, stirring constantly. Add comfrey powder and stir well. Pour into a lidded glass jar – should last up to 4 weeks.

Strawberry Facial Scrub

An exfoliating paste particularly great for fair/delicate skin

You’ll need:

  • 4-6 strawberries, hulled and mashed
  • Two tablespoons lanolin
  • One teaspoon clear honey
  • Half a cup powdered oatmeal or almond meal
  • One tablespoon natural yoghurt

Strain strawberry mixture through fine muslin cloth, measure two tablespoonfuls of juice and set aside. Combine lanolin and honey in a double boiler (or place a small saucepan inside a larger one, which has water in it) over low heat, stirring until smooth. Add oatmeal and blend well before adding strawberry juice and yogurt, whisking to mix well. Apply paste to clean, slightly damp skin using gentle, upward and outward massage strokes. Avoid eye area. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry with a soft towel

Cleansing Tomato Rub

For spotless skin

You’ll need:

  • Half a tomato

If you suffer from blackheads, rub the tomato over the affected areas. The tomatoes acid cleanses skin and unblocks clogged pores. Leave on for 3-5 mins.

Rose Toner

For sensitive skin

You’ll need:

  • 50ml witch-hazel
  • 50ml rosewater
  • One teaspoon orange-flower (make with orange flower teabags from health food store)

Combine ingredients in a glass bottle and shake well; cap securely with a glass stopper or a plastic cap or cork. To use, stroke gently over skin after cleansing with a cottonwool round. 

Salt Glow Body Scrub

For an all-over smooth body.

You’ll need:

  • 50ml course salt
  • 50ml almond oil
  • 3 drops geranium essential oil
  • 3 drops camomile essential oil

Mix the ingredients together and starting at the feet massage into dry skin focusing on dry areas and swollen or sore joints. The essential oils will help to de-puff and soothe any aches and pains.

Rinse in the shower and pat dry skin. You should be left with a subtle, smooth sheen.

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