With regular nail appointments put on hold and Summer days ahead, it’s time to take matters into your own hands (and more specifically feet) so you are ready to get into the cutest pair of sandals and show off those colourful toes with confidence!

Lauren b. Beauty has created the perfect DIY kit that includes easy to use products and tools to give yourself that salon-worthy pedicure in the comfort of your own home. It even includes the most beautiful and bright pink nail colour just screaming out for those summer toes.

Follow Lauren’s easy steps below to achieve perfectly soft and beautiful manicured feet.

Lauren b. Beauty
DIY Pedicure Kit

Step 1. Clean the nails

Remove any existing nail polish from your toes with the remover pads included in the kit. They are made to remove all polish and hydrate nails at the same time. Otherwise, use a gentle acetone-free polish remover which keeps toes from during out.

Step 2. Soak and scrub

Soak your feet in a tub of warm water for 10 minutes or so then give them a wash using a gentle cleanser. Next, grab a pumice stone. There’s a dual-sided one in the DIY kit. Use it to scrub the soles of your feet, ensuring you work off the harder skin on the heels and toes. Rinse off and dry your feet.

A great next step that you’ll find in the DIY kit is an exfoliating foot mask. It’s a pair of disposable socks that when applied will work to treat the feet and remove dead skin.

You’ll notice smoother skin after sitting in them for just 60 mins but the real work reveals itself in the coming days when dead skin will actually peel off! After removing the mask, rinse feet, ensuring all product is removed and pat feet dry.

Pro Tip: Lauren. B also recommends pulling on an old pair of socks over the disposable sock which will allow the product to deeply penetrate

Step 4. Buff and shine

Clip and file nails accordingly to your preferred shape then buff any uneven surfaces and smooth out imperfections making sure not to over buff which will thin the nail.

Pro Tip: Toes should always be shaped a bit longer and stick to a square shape to prevent ingrown nails.

Step 5. Nourish with cuticle oil

Apply the restorative cuticle oil to toes and let them soak for a few minutes then use an orange stick (the small wooden tool also found in the kit) to push cuticles back gently, tidying up the toenail bed preparing them for polish. The oil can also be applied following polish once it is dried to further nourish the skin.

Next, clean the toe nails with sanitizing wipes or the pads found in the kit to remove any excess oil and grime.

Step 6. Nail Colour

Time for the fun part – COLOUR!

To avoid smudging and for easy polish application, use the toe separators on your feet to keep toes spaced apart. Apply a base coat and let dry. Apply your chosen colour then finish with one coat of top coat. You’ll find a dual base/top coat included in the kit!

Colour Me Happy:

Pastels, whites and bright nail colours will be sure to light up your summer days!

Lauren B Beauty
$12.00 USD
Lauren B Beauty
Baja Sunrise
$12.00 USD
Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal
$10.50 USD
Mexico City Move-mint
$10.50 USD
Blue Curaçao
$10.50 USD
Meet Me At Sunset
$10.50 USD

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