What’s the perfect accent to any make-up look you ask?

A simple liner drawn along the top of the eyelids is the quickest and easiest way to take your look from blah to BAM in minutes! It not only turns up the sex appeal but literally gives you an instant eyelift too.

You can’t go wrong with one of the new liquid eyeliners as they can be used like a pen. If you stretch out the eyelid and slant your liner very close to lashes it is much easier to apply. If you are an absolute eyeliner virgin then drawing the line on with an eye pencil first will make it much easier for you to apply the liquid evenly over the top.

Eyeliner is great because it is quick and easy, you can create a sexy look without spending all that time layering on different eye shadows.

Now let’s talk about the perfect liner for each season. We are deep into Summer and it’s been non-stop pool parties, rooftop lounges and stress free beach days. With all this summertime fun in the air the cat eye looks seems a little dramatic. What is in for summer are bright, metallic, almost industrial colors, with a hint of shimmer. If you still love the dark dramatic look you can bust out the deep browns and cappuccino colored metallics to give you a sexy yet playful look to take on those balmy summer nights.

Fall is just around the corner as well and it’s the perfect time to bring back the 60’s with a sultry winged eye. Fall is a dramatic season; the colors are exuberant and bright. Nature all around is making quite the statement and it’s time for you to do the same. Brown’s, gold, coppers and reds as shadows and one thick, dark line extended beyond the eyelid is all you need to create that wow factor. Eyeliner on the bottom is not even necessary. Simple yet bold is the look for fall 2014.

With Winter we continue in a colder season yet the holidays create the warmth to get us through it. Your style will not only get you through it but also make you shine each moment of it. Thick exaggerated cat eyes, in the deepest black will make you stand out and entice all those around you. Cat eyes are classic and so is black; this winter we are bringing classic back.

Lastly there is Spring. Flowers are in bloom; things are warming up and you are feeling BRIGHT. What better way to be in accordance with the essence of this season than to brighten up your eyelids as well. It is time to experiment with COLOR. Bright and beautiful colors that make your eyes pop! I would say blues; yellows and greens are the best colors to play with in spring. You can wing your eyes or just do a straight liner. Top and bottom why not, just have fun with your look this spring!

The greatest thing I can say about eyeliner is that it will never go out of style. No matter what season we are in eyeliner gives you just the accent you need to complete any look. So line away ladies!

Photography: Fiona Corrigan www.fionacorrigan.com

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