Hollywood’s Ageless Beauties

If you ask me my opinion on who the four most beautiful women in Hollywood are right now, I will certainly not name the young effortless vixens we all envy. No, if you ask me, I think of some of my idols: Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianne Moore. Beauty that has longevity and substance. Their beauty is a mixture of physical attractiveness, sex appeal, attitude, personality and just an “aura” that makes them attractive to other people.

We all know they’ve got their dream teams on speed dial and many of these women have even had a little tuck here and a little nip there, but they still look like themselves and are not afraid of aging. If anything they have embraced getting older.

Jane Fonda’s trim, taut and terrific body is due to her love of cardio, and she attributes her glowing complexion to lots of sleep. She says it’s never too late to make changes to your lifestyle. She insists that she made changes at 60 and is still reaping the rewards. Her top 6 lessons on how to age successfully are to stop smoking, drink less, schedule downtime, eat healthily, have sex (Who can argue that?) and keep moving! Well, if I look half as good as her at 77, I’ll be very happy!

California beauty, Michelle Pfeiffer, says that she is comfortable with how she looks for her age. She adds that once you get over a certain hump there is less pressure to look a certain way. Well, at 57 I think she looks stunning! Some of her beauty tips include getting rid of magnifying mirrors as they show a distorted you and it’s not how people see you. Another one of her beauty secrets is her vegan diet as well as hitting the gym five days a week, running and lifting weights.

I know people are skeptical of all the airbrushing and soft focus lenses that go into producing magazine covers and Red Carpet shots, but I can assure you that when I’ve sat beside some of these women, they actually look youthful and full of vitality. Some even look better up close. Jane Fonda is a prime example of that. Sitting across from her at LA’s dining hot spot Cecconi’s she looked youthful and full of energy whilst she entertained her ‘A’ list table. Then, there’s Diane Keaton, whom I brushed past at the Polo Lounge at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel (who even stopped to say hello!), and had the most flawless lit-from-within complexion.

So how can us mere mortals get that “Lit from within” Red Carpet glow? With a few of my simple beauty tips…

Sort your skin care

A well-prepped complexion is the key to beautiful make-up. As we age, our skin becomes more dry, dull and sensitive, not to mention the battle against fine lines, dark circles and pigmentation.

Combat these, and prep your make-up’s canvas, with a gentle exfoliation followed by a moisturising cleanser on your face and neck, followed by a vitamin-C-rich serum – which will work brightening wonders. Apply your serum immediately after cleansing, while your pores are open, so the ingredients penetrate deeply. Finish with a rich anti-aging moisturiser. For extra hydration, try weekly at-home glycolic peels – these remove dead skin cells for a radiance boost.

Keep makeup minimal

Keep it sheer and look for foundation with anti-aging ingredients such as Tom Ford Traceless Foundation SPF15, $118. Heavy make-up sinks into lines and draws attention to them. For a perfect finish, concealer is your best friend to even your complexion – key zones include under the eyes (dark circles) and around the nose (red patches).

A creamy coral blush suits all ages and skin tones, plus it gives the face a lift when applied high on the apples of the cheeks.

For the ultimate eye lift use pale shimmering shades like beige, gold and shell pinks. These hues help to brighten dark circles around the eyes. Steer clear of liquid liners, which are tricky on skin that isn’t baby smooth, and opt for soft pencil liners instead.

Plump up your pout with a natural lipstick shade matching the colour of your lips and finish with a clear gloss for fuller looking lips.

Get body beautiful

Slim your shape in three simple steps? Yes you can. Start by exfoliating from top to toe to remove dry skin. Next, apply a gradual tan moisturiser all over in firm strokes to boost circulation. The tanning moisturisers are perfect for first-time tanners as they’re subtle, easy to apply and you can slowly build your colour. On the day of the event, a dusting of bronzer on your collar bones, arms and legs adds glow and a boost of colour to brighten and even out age-damaged skin.

Volumize and smooth hair

Pump up the volume
Unfortunately, hormonal changes means our hair thins, as we get older. But with the right product, you can achieve body and fullness. Begin with volumising shampoo (even if you have curly hair) and apply conditioner to the ends only. For maximum oomph, apply a root-lifter to damp locks then tip your head upside down and blast dry with a hairdryer. Still need more volume? Back-brush sections of the hair with a paddle brush and finish with a mist of hairspray.

Fight the frizz
Summer humidity and special occasion hair is not a match made in heaven. A protein rich treatment will help to keep strands smooth. For best results, leave on your hair 20 minutes once a week. For a last-minute frizz emergency, work through one pump of hair serum through the mid-lengths and ends of dry hair..

Your beauty kit


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