Leading ladies Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard and Eva Green have an easy, edgy, irresistible sex appeal or should I say, je ne sais quoi, all year round. They seem to rock rumpled locks and next day eyeliner like no-one else. French girls just get it right!

Here’s your ultimate guide to achieve French chic effortlessly…  

Less is more – beauty is about being beautiful and sexy au naturale. Make-up should enhance a woman’s face, not cover it up. All you need is a super smooth base, waterproof mascara and a luscious pout with a semi-matte finish, and voila!

Skincare is more important than make-up. Use gentle cleansers, exfoliate regularly and use anti-ageing creams day and night. Skincare lasts a lifetime, while make-up lasts just a few hours.

When it comes to tanning, opt for a natural golden glow rather than a fake one. A frequent dose of incidental sun while wearing sunscreen is all that is required.

A French woman gives herself a daily blast of icy cold water in the shower to get her circulation going and help tighten up the pores of the skin. She follows with lashings of body moisturiser and, if need be, will re-apply during the day.

Smile with confidence and you’ll get noticed. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman, and that is why French women are considered to be the sexiest.

A great haircut can make your look. The new Lob with layers around the face with a low – side parting adds a sense of fun and mystery. To get that highly-coveted, bedhead look, brush hair as little as possible and allow it to dry naturally after you shampoo and cheat a little by adding dry shampoo for extra volume.

The Perfect Lipstick Shade For Your French Kiss…

This is a passionate, full-on French kiss shade for your man only! Suits most skin tones.

Lancôme Absolute Rouge
Hydrating Lipstick in Caprice


A flirty hue that is romantic, but not too over the top, is a bold red that stands out on pale complexions.

Armani Ecstasy Shine in 300 Play


Create a sensual and lasting pout.

Pat McGrath Mattertrance Lipstick in Forbidden Love


For a long, slow, lingering kiss that lasts for days! Shimmers to make lips look fuller.

Tom Ford Gold Lip Color in 16 Scarlet Rouge


Scent Signals

French women know the power of an alluring scent. You won’t snag the man of your dreams with fragrance alone, but it certainly helps to get his attention.

Floral fruity fragrances act as a subtle flirt signal.blends fresh lemon, pepper and juniper Berry extracts to create a light,
enchanting fragrance.

Byredo’s Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum 50ml, $175USD


Smells like a fresh spring garden with a melody of Bergamot and Lemon, Orange Blossom Absolute and Neroli that matures to a lingering musk that is so sexy. This miniature size is perfect for stowing in your tote or travel bag.

Frederic Malle’s ‘Cologne Indélébile’, $50USD


A carefree scent with green and citrus notes shows you’re having a brilliant time and loving your single status. Infuses Vetiver and ivy leaves to round out this fresh and harmonious scent.

Comme des Garcons Parfums’ ‘Amazingreen’, $105USD


A bold, sensual and fearless
fragrance made for seduction and pleasure. The woman who wears Miss AP is strong-willed and powerful, never afraid to be provocative.

Agent Provocateur Miss AP Eau De Parfum, $69USD


Mary Zavaglia is a leading beauty & lifestyle editor who has appeared on the Today show, written for Woman's Day, Australia's biggest selling magazine and also Esprit Magazine the leading beauty magazine as well as making guest appearances as a beauty expert for cosmetic giants P&G, L'Oreal and M.A.C cosmetics.

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