As a Beauty Editor who has traveled the globe discovering the best of the best in beauty, I think I can say I’m pretty much an expert on knowing how to arrive in first class style wherever I land!

Here are my high-altitude tips so you do too…

    • Wear a liquid or cream foundation to protect and avoid skin dehydration.
    • Apply a tinted lip-gloss instead of lipstick to keep lips moist.
    • Sweep on blue mascara instead of black to make the whites of your eyes look whiter.
    • Drink lots of water but avoid drinking coffee and alcohol as they cause dehydration.
    • Eat light food that will help you adjust to your body’s inner rhythm- proteins stimulate and carbohydrates help you sleep. Snack on nuts and dried fruits.
    • Keep hair simple by pulling it into a low pony tail or if you have long locks part hair down the middle and secure into two top knots. When you release hair, you will have cascading waves.
  • If hats are your thing slather on a hair treatment and wear your hat. When you finally wash your hair upon arrival your hair will be easier to style and have a mega-watt shine.
  • Spritz on a skin freshener spray to increase the moisture level of skin and to refresh you whenever you think of it.
  • If skin feels dry, apply moisturizer or better still apply a thin layer of a moisturizing mask while you sleep.
  • Another tip while you sleep, is to saturate a couple of make-up rounds with eye cream or gel and place over eyes keeping them in place with a travel eye mask. The mask will work as an incubator helping the cream to penetrate skin.
  • Pack Lavender oil and massage it into your temples-add a few drops to a tissue, to smell and help you sleep.
  • Mix a cocktail of cuticle oil and hand cream and massage in regularly during the flight. On arrival, your hands will be baby smooth and nails will look freshly manicured.
  • Stretch your feet up and down, regularly rotate your ankles and walk up and down the aisle as often as possible.

Travel Kit

Pack a convenient kit by pouring products into miniature travel size containers.


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