We all know how important it is for celebrities to be beaming all the time, but I think we can agree that we all want the same thing. That’s why I’m excited to reveal their secret to you.

Hollywood’s hottest celebs have been asking their dermatologists to perform Dermaplaning on them for some time, which is an exfoliating treatment for the face, guaranteed to give them glowing results. Now it seems that a new beauty tool, Derma Flash has arisen, which is able to give you the same results except in the comfort of your own surroundings.

It’s a highly effective and efficient handheld device that can be used at home with ease that leaves you with the same super smooth and brightened skin appearance you would receive from the derma plane treatment in a doctor’s office. With the ability to resurface the skin, Derma Flash helps you say goodbye to dead skin cells, debris build up and peach fuzz from your face! The results are instant and magically pain free.
Derma Flash is an excellent alternative to painful waxing or threading and the best part is you can do it yourself virtually anywhere. I recently gave the product a whirl myself and was more than pleasantly surprised. First off, it was really simple to use and quick. After a few strokes around my entire face I was stunned at how smooth my skin was feeling afterwards. All the little hairs were gone too. Normally I pay over 50 dollars for an entire face wax and have to endure quite a bit of pain. Not to mention dealing with redness afterwards and every so often irritation.

The Derma Flash actually seemed too good to be true and I feel quite lucky to have found it. My waxing days are over and I’m ready to embrace my skins new softness and luminosity. In fact, I think I am now more than ready for my close up! It has also come to my attention that at a recent Hollywood event, Jennifer Klein’s annual Day of Indulgence, some major celebrities were able to take home the game changing exfoliator. Among the stars were: Kerry Washington, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Faris, Olivia Munn, Bryce Dallas Howard and Lea Michelle. Quite exciting to know that I now share the same beauty secret with such radiating stars. And for very good reason, who doesn’t want a safe, painless and practically effortless method for beauty. Derma Flash’s philosophy is that beauty doesn’t have to be painful, contrary to popular belief, and I’m on board!

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