Bold, mega-watt lipstick shades are right on trend. Summer’s nude pallets are being replaced by brighter and bolder lipstick shades, as women want to take more risks and be adventurous with colour.

Here’s how to get this look…

3 Steps To The Perfect Pout

  1. Dry lips make lipstick colour look uneven and congested; so prep your lips by gently exfoliating with a soft toothbrush before applying a lip balm.
  2. Outline lips using a lip pencil that’s close to your natural lip tone, and outline following the natural shape of the lips. To make lips appear fuller, line lips just outside the natural lip shape and if lips are full, line inside the natural shape to make them appear smaller.
  3. Fill in lips with your lip-liner as a long-lasting base for your lipstick. This also prevents a ring forming around the mouth when lipstick fades. If you don’t fill in lips with your liner, then blend edges with a cotton bud or lip brush. Voila! Lips are ready for a slick of lipstick.

At the London headquarters of By Terry having my make-up applied. I do love their nourishing lipstick range!

Mary’s Expert Tips

  • Prevent lipstick from feathering and smudging by wearing foundation over the lips and finishing with a translucent powder around the mouth.
  • Apply lip balm to moisten lips so liner, lipstick and gloss glide on smoothly.
  • The skin on your lips is delicate so use a soft, well-sharpened lip-liner pencil. Dab the tip on your hand to soften before applying.
  • For a smudged, just-been-kissed effect, apply lipstick to the bottom lip, press lips together and blend the edges with a lip brush or a gloss wand.
  • If deep red lipstick looks too intense, soften it back by smudging with a gold shimmer lipstick or lip-gloss.
  • For a soft, pretty, shimmery lip finish, mix lipstick with gold shimmer or clear gloss, and then brush onto lips.
  • Product recommendation: One of my favorite lipsticks is Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

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