We all love the idea of a red lipstick to wear on Valentine’s Day, adding instant sex appeal, but it can sometimes look a bit much, or like we’ve tried far too hard (or smudged it all over our teeth)So, to make things simpler we’ve made some hard, fast rules to live by, to perfect your red lip for life!

Go the distance  

How to make your lipstick last longer

Lippy holds on best to a smooth surface so prep your lips with an exfoliant and balm. Finish with a translucent powder for extra hold.

Use a lip liner to lightly trace your pout, then diffuse edges with a cotton tip. This prevents colour bleeding into fine lines around lips.

Use a lip brush to fill in your pout. Using a lip brush not only makes lips look hot, but you’ll also get more applications out of your lippy.

Personalise your pout. For lush Angelina Jolie lips slightly over- trace your Cupid’s bows with a lip liner and finish with a gloss.

For a petite pout, cover with concealer and apply lipstick without liner.

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A shade for every age!

20’s In your twenties, your lips are at their fullest so you can wear sheer, shiny, bright lip colours.
30’s Switch to lip stain and long-wearing formulas. They require minimal touch-ups and are a low-maintenance way to wear colours that pop.
40’s Look for formulas that are sheer and creamy. They illuminate your face and moisturise lips without a sticky, tacky finish.
50’s To rock a bold lip in your fifties, stick to nourishing formulas with anti-ageing benefits.
60’s To look ultra-chic and confident, wear a stand-out colour with a long-lasting and creamy formula.


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