Spinning poetry from fine metal threads sine 1998, Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj Oleari, are the dual minds and souls behind ATELIER VM. The duo established the company believing that signature jewelry has the power to become entwined with the self. Inspired by the endless circumstances of life itself – digressions, memories, travels, and people – the two creators offer a biographical approach to jewelry design that shares an authentic story.

A key component of the ATELIER VM offering is the brand’s signature,
unisex L’Essenziale collection, which debuted in 2014 revolutionizing the jewelry wearing experience. The L’Essenziale collection is set apart by an 18ct gold bracelet with no clasp in sight, invisibly laser welded on to the wrist to  form an eternal strand. The first brand to offer jewelry in this form, L’Essenziale is a versatile symbol of love, which seals and celebrates unity in all its variations.

L’Essenziale pieces have previously been available exclusively at the brand’s two flagship stores in Milan, Le Bon Marche in Paris and Liberty London, but starting this winter (and just in time for Valentine’s Day), L’Essenziale and all ATELIER VM signature collections are now available to U.S. shoppers via Nordstrom in New York.


ATELIER VM – L’Essenziale Collection

View more at: www.ateliervm.com


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