Meet Nail Artist, Azusa, who specializes in gel design for most of Hollywood’s A-list. They flock to her during award season to get a customized nail design to compliment their glamorous gowns.

But her real passion I discovered is collecting Barbie dolls (she has over 100!) and creating nail designs to match their fashion wardrobe!

I stumbled across Azusa, on Melrose Place in Beverly Hills whilst I was looking for someone to tend to my outgrown gel manicure. I wasn’t keen to have another but did need to have the gel removed. Azusa convinced me to try her gel manicure reassuring me that the superior product she used, Calgel, wouldn’t harm my nail bed (like my previous experience) as it doesn’t interfere with the nail-bed’s metabolism which is why it can actually strengthen nails.  I was still skeptical but decided to give it a try.

Azusa meticulously prepared my nail bed by using gentle, slow movements when filing and buffing. She explained that most damage is done by the way in which the nail technician removes and applies the gel. She says, “Most nail technicians will over-buff the nail and use harsh nail files and cut cuticles which weakens the nail bed and nails. “

I still was not convinced but I have to say I loved the beautiful design Azuma created for my pre-Oscars QVC event at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.  After several compliments during the evening I decided I might have a few more gel manicures and really road test this new product.

After 4 applications of Calgel my nail bed is not damaged and my nails are still as strong as ever.  So the verdict is – Yes! You can have gel manicures and still maintain, strong, healthy nails.

For more on Azusa visit her on Instagram/azusanail and follow her on twitter/azusanail or for an appointment call Naturally Hands and Spa on Melrose Place, 323 655 0265 or go to for your nearest stockist.

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