One thing we can’t deny about Kylie Jenner is that she looks damn good in photos. Every shot on her Instagram page is a visual stunner and her 97 million followers seem to agree.

Also, I won’t deny it’s my guilty pleasure to look at them too. Now whether it’s due to some masterful photoshop skills combined with rumored surgical enhancements we just can’t seem to leave the impeccable make up out of the equation.

Let’s just say that the make-up she rocks on her picture-perfect face seem to be the recipe for world domination. And thank goodness she decided to cash out on something she actually represents well (a painted face) and not attempting to act or sing. She loves make up, some may even say it’s her passion, so we are all glad that’s the road she’s taken. In fact, Kylie says that if she weren’t famous she’d probably become a makeup artist. She loves doing her friends make and it takes her 2 hours a day to apply her own!

Kylie hasn’t disappointed her fans with her makeup line either. Her products are all the rave and are guiding her well on her way to becoming a billionaire. Currently her line is worth over 420 million USD and growing fast. Kylie lip kits are the most popular in her line as every young girl dreams of having those famous Kylie lips.

Kylie herself says she cannot leave the house without one. Dolce k is her favorite day to day shade. Kylie claims she cannot exit into the world without her sculpting powder by Rodial either, which she says creates an excellent contour. She comes from the family of contour queens, so we get it. Her Nars concealer is another must have, which she says hides everything; especially dark circles, which is absolutely essential with her schedule. Chap Stick and lip liner are the other two products she never leaves the house without.

Apart from changing the makeup game, Kylie Jenner has also become this generation’s style icon, mostly for her bikini wear, sometimes changing into up to four different bikinis a day. A little-known fact about Kylie is that she doesn’t work out! She credits her dads’ athletic genes and taking on his fast metabolism for her figure.  Well, we agree, her body looks great and I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous she gets to eat whatever she wants without hitting the gym and looks that good. She is now officially the richest member of the Kardashian Empire and the youngest! Go Kylie!

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