Aussie Beauty Editor, Racheal Mannell, finally gets the fringe she’s always wanted thanks to the latest hair-smoothing miracle.

“The AGI ONE is unlike other straightening or de-frizzing treatment, you don’t need to wait three days until you wash it,” says Deborah Raymond, Papillion Hair, Sydney.
“You also don’t need to wait to color your hair, it can be done straight away.”

The problem:

I have a cowlick just to the side of my part, so whenever I have a fringe cut it bucks and kicks and I end up with an off centre McDonald’s arch (not pretty). To add to the failed equation is a good dose of natural frizz. While it can be tamed with a blow-dry and a straightener, it means the daily maintenance of a fringe is mostly out of the question.

The solution:

My not so secret, secret – the new AGI ONE treatment. A genius smoothing treatment to eliminate kinks, curls and frizz while imparting incredible shine.

The process:

After a quick shampoo, the treatment is mixed or rather, customized to the specific needs of your hair then applied and left to work its magic. Around 45 minutes for those with very frizzy or unruly locks and 20 minutes to tame less frizz. It’s then washed out and blow-dried smooth with irons. Et voila! A smooth, sexy fringe.

After the first wash:

It literally fell into place (no cowlick in sight) and all I needed to do was blow dry using fingers only – no brush, no straightener required.

Quick trick:

Fringes can lose their shape overnight from heat or side sleeping positions. To reshape add a quick blast of heat from a hairdryer.


Depending on the salon, type and hair length, the treatment costs between $250-$500AUS


This is a game-changing treatment. You won’t believe how silky your hair feels nor will you believe how much time you save styling your hair. 10/10




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