Celebrated every year on November 1st, World Vegan Day raises awareness about animal rights and advocates the widespread adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

The vegan cosmetics market in the U.S. is estimated at $4.1 billion in 2020 and online sales grew 83% from the previous year.  Vegan beauty is no longer a fringe category.  Globally, it’s projected to reach $21.4 billion by 2027.  Consumers today are extremely well-informed, enlightened shoppers.  They want to engage with companies that align with their own values, and many refuse to consider purchasing from brands that unnecessarily cause harm to animals or the planet.  These generally cleaner products are better for your skin and hair, which means less likelihood of breakouts, allergies, and inflammation.

We asked Arbonne’s Global Director of Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact, Andrea Chase, to explain why making the switch to vegan beauty is good for us and our environment.

Why is making the switch to vegan beauty important for our environment and also our health?”

Ultimately the case for green and vegan beauty is rooted in the case for sustainable, plant-based ingredients. There are many ways that choosing green and vegan beauty products can support the environment and our health. From the way ingredients are grown, to clean standards put in place to restrict and remove typical ingredients that are biologically toxic, to evaluating the labour and environmental practices within the value chain, all of these focuses must come together to create a truly sustainable product better for the environment and better for your health.

  1. Environmental Impact

Going vegan, in eating practices, and in beauty is an important step in protecting our environment.  Shifting away from animal-based products can help mitigate associated climate emissions, save water, reduce energy consumption, and even prevent deforestation while cleaning the soil.  Look for the Vegan Society certification to identify products that are proven to eliminate animal products.  Since 1980, Arbonne has strived to create high-performing formulas that are Vegan and formulated with botanicals that are backed by scientific research.

Looking to ensure no product testing was completed on animals? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the PETA Cruelty Free & Vegan or Leaping Bunny Certification on our products.

  1. Clean Standards Elevate Consumer Health & Safety

Your skin is your largest organ and you better believe it is absorbing all the ingredients of the products that you put on it.  Therefore, the case for cleaner and more restrictive product ingredients lies within the case for upholding the welfare and safety of customers.  Cleaner products mean less exposure to Phthalates, often hidden in fragrances, and other biological toxins that have been shown to be detrimental to your health.  We are proud to be an originator in the clean beauty space, with over 2000 ingredients banned in our products through our NOT ALLOWED ListTM.  This puts our customer’s welfare, health and safety at the heart of all of our products.

  1. Responsible sourcing – Social and Environmental Impact on supply chain

How we source ingredients is a huge driver in product sustainability.  By leaning on sourcing from regenerative agriculture, organic practices and wildcrafted ingredients, we are able to help combat climate change, deforestation and preserve ecosystems. At Arbonne, we have robust supplier and ingredient corporate responsibility risk assessments in place, this includes strict guidelines for sourcing Palm Oil, Mica, Saffron, and other high risk key ingredients.  But ingredient risk, also extends in to understanding labour practices for ingredient harvesting.  For example, we have chosen to source Saffron, an ingredient often linked to child labour or unfair pay practices in certain regions, from Spain instead of Iran.  This allows us transparent insight into labour practices at the farm, protecting laborers within our value chain and confidence in our sourcing practices for our customers.

  1. Vote with Your Wallet

Lastly, it is important for us all to take a look how we are spending our money.  Everyday, we cast a ballot for what we believe in through how we spend our money.  And investing in companies that are committed to environmentally friendly products and practices, is a way to not only uplift your own health and the environment’s, but also to support businesses using the power of their business as a force for good.  Not sure how to identify better businesses?  It’s as easy as looking for the B Corporation certification on your product’s packaging!  B Corporations are purpose driven businesses, dedicated to redefining success in business to take into account both social and environmental indicators.

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