Marc Pilcher, HASK Ambassador and Hollywood Hair Stylist, has been recognised for his incredible work, bringing the regal hair styles on-set Bridgerton alive, with a nomination in the 2021 Emmy Awards.

Marc, who was Head of Hair on Bridgerton, has been nominated for the episode ‘The Art of the Swoon’, which included an array of different scenes such as promenades in the parks, and three magnificent balls.

I’m proud of all the hair, in this episode, particularly Queen Charlotte’s Beyoncé inspired Gainsborough Fro… there was so much variation of work in this episode!” – Marc Pilcher, Hollywood Hair Stylist and HASK Ambassador

In the weeks leading up to the Emmy Awards, Marc shares details about his experience on-set Bridgerton, as well as the HASK products he used behind the scenes on actors including Claudia Jessie who played Cressida Cowper in the Emmy nominated episode.

“I love using HASK products on-set because they leave my actors hair feeling hydrated and healthy and ready to style” – says Marc Pilcher

I was lucky enough to interview Marc and ask about his on set experience with the ladies of Bridgerton and his celebrity clients.

Congratulations on your Emmy nomination! How does it feel to be nominated?
Thank you so much, I’m so excited and touched to be nominated for an EMMY. Bridgerton was a long shoot, and I had an amazing team, whom I’ve nominated alongside myself. I’m so proud of them and their hard work and talent, I only wish I could have nominated everyone who worked for me on the production.


You have been nominated for the Bridgerton episode ‘The Art of the Swoon’. Which hairstyles / characters’ hair are you most proud of in this episode?
I chose ‘The Art of the Swoon’, because there was so much variation of work in this episode. Three balls, A Private view, Promenades in the parks to the slum scenes of the poor of London. I’m proud of all the hair, in this episode, but particularly Queen Charlotte’s Beyoncé inspired Gainsborough Fro. I was worried that we had gone too far this time but from the reaction I received, I think we were ok.

Cressida Cowper’s hair is a work of art in this episode! How did you create it?
I loved creating Cressida Cowper’s looks for this Episode, mostly made with blonde hair braided with wire and then sculpted into shapes. My favourite was the Princes Ball look, in the story, she is trying to ensnare the Prince into marrying her. I created her hair piece to look like a Crown, so he would see that she should be his Princess. This took a couple of weeks to make, I sewed strings of miniature pearls onto every braid, time consuming but I loved every stitch.

Which HASK products did you use in this style?
To create this style, I used The HASK Argan Oil Repairing 5-In-1 Leave In spray and the HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Shine Oil. These helped to achieve a smooth shine in the braids and because the hair was so long, prevented them from tangling.

Can you talk us through an average day on the set of Bridgerton as department head stylist?
An average day on Bridgerton would start around 6am. We would start the morning call, with the actors, which if it was a ball day, might carry on till almost lunchtime, some ball days I might have as many as six actors to prepare. As each of the actor’s hair is completed, they are then dressed and filtered down to set to begin shooting. As the head of department, it is my responsibility to ensure that all the looks are perfect and if we are presenting a new look, that production are happy with each look. We would then shoot throughout the day, often pausing for changes, especially with Daphne’s character, who had many different looks. We would wrap about 6pm and then after de rigging each character, start the process of setting and dressing their wigs, pieces for the next day.

How did you get to this impressive stage in your career? Can you talk us through your journey?
I started my career, by chance in the glorious arena of West End Theatre. I worked on many shows for the next 15 years, mainly musicals, building up my knowledge of period hair.
I was asked, quite out of the blue to fly out to Romania, to help out on a TV film shooting. I then began working for that designer for a few years before breaking into film and the rest is history.

What do you like most about working with HASK products?
I love using HASK products on set because they leave my actors hair feeling hydrated and healthy and ready to style.

Which HASK products were your go-to on set?
On set, I use the full range of HASK repairing, smoothing and conditioning oils, a small amount run through the strands, leaves the hair frizz and flyaway free.

What are the biggest challenges of working with hair on set?
The biggest challenge on set, is humidity. That is why I use the HASK Biotin Boost range specifically the 5-in-1 Leave-In spray and HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Hair Shine Oils to keep the hair frizz free and manageable.

How do you keep the cast members’ hair in good condition, day after day?
To keep the actor’s hair in good condition day after day, I supply them with a HASK shampoo and conditioner. Depending on their hair type, I will select and recommend a range to give them, followed by a HASK hair mask from the same particular range, to pamper themselves on their days off and ensure hair is hydrated and healthy.

Were there any HASK products the cast members loved in particular? And did you send them home with masks, oils etc.? If so, which ones?
A particular favourite HASK range of the actors, and indeed mine, is the HASK Monoi Coconut Oil range. Who doesn’t love the smell of coconut on your hair, especially in the summer? The hair mask was a must have, to kick back in a hot bath at weekends and assist to protect the hair after a week of styling.

What would be your top three tips for keeping your hair healthy using HASK products?
My top three tips for keeping your hair healthy with HASK products are make sure you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

Always use a 5-In-1 Leave-In spray to thicken, hydrate and protect the hair before styling. Use regular hair masks once every two weeks to keep your hair hydrated and glossy.

In your opinion, what are the most important things to look for when shopping for personal haircare?
When shopping for haircare products, always ensure that it is the right product for your hair and scalp. If your hair was oily then I would use the HASK Tea Tree or Charcoal ranges, this makes life and styling easier if you have the right products.

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