There is a wonderful treasure hidden among the natural habitat of the Napa Valley woods. The Meadowood Spa has emerged among nature to offer a truly unique wellness experience for its visitors. It was built with its beautiful surroundings as inspiration, simple yet rustic with a modern feel; the structure’s design incorporates natural elements throughout it.


The earthy tones and warm oak accents induce a certain kind of calmness upon arrival for guests.  The experience is what I call “Forest Bathing”, which is a new spa trend that embraces the positive effects of getting out into nature. Forest Bathing is actually just a fancy phrase for walking through the woods – which is based on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates to “ taking in the forest atmosphere” The whole idea behind the Meadowood Spa is focusing on the serene surroundings it was built in to let nature heal you.


This trend is popping up everywhere and is being called things like Green-space walking, Eco therapy and forest medicine. As New-age-y as these terms may sound, they are all based on a simple concept: that getting out in nature is really, really good for you; which is exactly what the Meadowood Spa was designed for you to experience first-hand. Upon arrival, a Spa Therapist will enter in the treatment suite to discuss with the guest in depth what their personal treatment plan will consist of. The pre- treatment experience will begin with a soothing tea and an aroma therapy shower, dry body brushing and or foot bath, followed by the specially curated treatment plan and a post treatment organic elixir. The suite is designed to include all the amenities for their treatment so they will not have to relocate. Although guests can choose to visit the relaxation gardens before or after their treatment; which include, steam room, saunas and a mineral soaking pool. The spa packages include the Essential Journey, which is the most basic of experiences consisting of a 60-minute massage and a 30-minute facial or body treatment. Every package includes the wellness dialogue and the pre-treatment experience. Some other packages include From the Vines, which is a wine based massage and facial, From the Garden where the treatment changes its ingredients seasonally. From the Earth with includes a black walnut scrub and hot stone massage. The Air We Breathe which aims towards recovery through a detoxifying mud wrap, leg scrub and hydrafacial and the most exclusive experience the spa has to offer would be The Meadowood Curated Collection which includes a customized scrub, wrap, facial, massage and special therapy. All packages include lunch from the Grill at the Meadowood where guests can choose from a healthy and exquisite culinary menu. Fruits that are dried in house from the Meadowood gardens and dishes that mirror the spa treatment menu of Vine, Earth, Air and Field; A truly unique dining experience indeed. Overall a trip to the Meadowood Spa will recharge your batteries in a way that cannot be accomplished in a city environment. Sometimes only in nature can you truly connect to yourself and that opportunity is exactly what the Meadowood Spa has to offer you.


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