Well, here we are again… Restricted to our homes unless deemed essential. Yes, you know the drill.

However, I feel like it’s as if everyone is looking to nourish their soul rather than overload their livers this time around. With Dry July kicking off just in time for lockdown across Australia, there’s no better time than, well, July to give ourselves some healthier at-home rituals.

The restrictions can come as a shock to our schedules, our minds and body so I wanted to assure everyone that you are not alone in this and that we will once again see the light when we see the ‘new, new normal’ rolling back in.

On a very perfect day where everything goes my way and I have the time and headspace to look after myself with the utmost healthiest practices, I thought I would share a snapshot of an ideal and balanced day in the life of a freelancer who is taking a different approach to lockdown this time around.

6 AM: Stretch/Yoga

If I have a restful sleep, I’ll wake up with the sun rising in my room with a morning stretch. This is something my mum used to always do and I would never understand the point of it. Until I hit the age of 30. Warming up your limbs after being horizontal for eight hours wakes up the body and gets me in the right headspace for the day.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of online yoga and fitness classes too and if that is your thing or you are just wanting to check it out for the first time, it’s the perfect excuse to jump on to those offerings with your local studio. One of my fav at the moment is with Bodylove Pilates. You can follow their live classes on their Instagram here.

7 AM Warm Lemon Water, Smoothie and Coffee

A master combo I usually have just after stretching to give me a pick me up, sugar hit and hydrator all at once before my workout. The lemon water has been a daily ritual since last year’s lockdown and helps with my digestion, while the smoothie will give me my fruit count for the morning and the coffee… well I am a bit of a caffeine addict.

8 AM Surf

Surfing is my meditation. It’s a chance to socialise and It’s also my main source of exercise as I usually prefer to be outdoors in nature as opposed to being inside a gym. If the conditions aren’t looking great, I’ll extend my exercise routine with a brisk walk along the beach or an at-home Pilates class.

9 AM Breakfast

A surf for me usually means I’m out in the water for a minimum of an hour so I am usually ravenous when I get home. A big breakfast usually consists of 2 x boiled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and kale and a slice of avocado with sourdough toast. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll usually scramble some eggs or have a loaded porridge (nuts, berries and peanut butter). Whatever I am feeling, I’ll replenish myself with protein-rich foods and good fats, ensuring I am ready for the day.

10 AM Day Planning

It’s amazing how a little planning ahead can help with my mindset, making things more clearer and building motivation to tackel the day ahead. I’ll usually do this while I’m having breakfast and could be checking emails, researching or making a list in preparation of my day.

Keeping myself just a little more organised can take the stress out of my morning.

I am also obsessed with stationery and I am guilty of forgetting things so I’ll always carry a notebook and pens for any ideas or thoughts I have throughout the day.

11 AM Dog-walking with Jenny

I’ve picked up some casual work as a dog walker and I love it! With my current situation, I have some free time in my day and I look after a dog who lives with an elderly woman so it’s rewarding to give back to the community. What better excuse to exercise while spending it with a furry friend for some puppy cuddles.

Especially in this lockdown situation, it’s great way to get outdoors and have a walk, ensuring I am keeping my distance and wearing a mask.

12 PM Lunch

Throughout the lockdown, I have been making a habit of eating better, restricting my spending on take-away and embracing cooking at home.

Lunch might just be leftovers from the night before, otherwise, I’ll regularly mix it up with a wrap, toasted sandwich or salad bowl. 



I am that person who rarely takes time to soak in the bath but for lockdown, it’s been a weekly ritual that gives me time to unwind with music, a glass of wine or tea and rinse the day off in a sense.

For me, if I am going to have a bath, I need to be able to light my favourite scented candle, throw in a scoop of luxurious bath salts (see a recipe below)  and take a moment to myself with a body scrub or mask.

Massage/Foam Rolling

I have been trying to take myself to get a regular massage to help relax my muscles and unwind but with the recent restrictions, I have turned to a trusty foam roller to do the job. It’s an inexpensive alternative to getting those sore spots after a long day.

Journalling or reading

The daily practice of journaling is a great way to start your day fresh. I usually also try to do a  ‘brain-dump’ in the evening to clear my head. I could end up writing pages or paragraph, even just scribbling down dot points or drawing but it releases tension for me before getting to sleep.

DIY Bath Salts

Grab a large Mason Jar and punch a few holes in the lid for aeration (this will ensure the baking soda isn’t affected by humidity). Mix the following in a large bowl and fill jars. Easy!

Use your favourite scents and dried flowers. For this recipe, I’ve used rose petals and lavender.

Optional: Add in a couple of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for a luxurious addition.

3 cups plain Epsom salt
1.5 cups coarse sea salt (Pink Himalayan sea salt or Coarse Sea Salt works best)
1/2 cup baking soda
20 drops of your preferred essential oil
2-3 tablespoons dried flowers

DIY Mini Facial Steps:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Mask
  • Serum
  • Crystal Roller
  • Moisturiser

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Enzymatic Mirco Peel 75ml
Organic Rosehip Oil 30ml

Editors’ Note:

If you or someone you know are experiencing hardship throughout this lockdown, please reach out to professional services including Lifeline, Services Australia or Beyond Blue.

By Genevieve Reynolds

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