Actress, Maria Fernanda del Bosque wanted a new glam look with minimum effort, so I set to work and decided that the quickest way to change her look was with a new cut and color.

Step 1. The color selection

I chose a vibrant red shade for Maria as it would make a statement and compliment her peaches and cream complexion and make her eye color pop.

Step 2. The cut

Maria’s hair lacked any shape so I layered her hair around the face and then I did some internal layering to create movement and make it easier for Maria to style her hair.

Step 3. The make-up change

Now that Maria had a new hair color she needed a new make up palette to go with it. I chose a combination of lavender shades over her lids and I applied a dark blue kohl pencil close to top lashes and coated her lashes with a thickening mascara and added false lashes.

I finished with a peachy pink blush over the apples of her cheeks and a coral lip-gloss.

Expert tips

  • Choose a color that is two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This means low maintenance. The last thing you want is to be re-touching your roots every two weeks.
  • If you DIY make sure you do an allergy test following the enclosed instructions exactly. Don’t fool around here ­ there is a reason you have to follow the instructions.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair as this will prevent your color from fading.
  • Or better still use one of the color enhancing shampoos. They will prolong your color and leave your locks with a megawatt shine.

Photography: Curtis Bechdholt.

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