Yellow is one of my very favourite colors. It’s the happiest color of the spectrum, sparking joy, optimism and capturing attention!

Yellow things I love…

McKenzie Cashmere Sweater – $265
Zhou Culotte – $135
Irene Suede Slingback – $185
Dylan Dress – $195
Kayla Cotton Duvet with Embroidered Trim – Queen ($300) King ($349)
Natura Linen Lumbar Pillow – $88


Grey is the color of balance and has a calming effect. It’s also a very chic color when it comes to fashion. My favorite outfit is pulling together a combination of grey tones and textures.

Grey things I love…

Stella Star Face Mask – $19.90
O’Hara Blazer – $395
Harlem Skirt – $165
Cheryl Coat – $200 (On sale)
Rain Clouds Bracelet Bundle – $88
Amara Handwoven Wool Lumbar Pillow – $175
Hallen Knit Throw Blanket- $178
Mae Throw Pillow – $68

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