After all the fun in the sun, it’s time for us to restore the shine, bounce and volume to our dull, lifeless locks

Tools of the trade

Fragile hair requires special tools and hair accessories to guard it against further breakage or damage.

* Always use a wide-toothed comb to disentangle hair or comb through treatments and conditioners.

*Style hair with brushes that are either made with pure bristle brush or have single bristles. This will help you avoid hair tangles and split ends.

* Choose hair straighteners that have a ceramic coating, as they allow for even heat distribution, making them less damaging to your hair.

* Use seamless elastic ties to avoid split ends.

* Avoid claw-like clips as they weaken hair and lead to breakages.

DIY Hair Repair

There are many shampoos, conditioners and treatments to strengthen hair and restore structure made for home use.

Leave-in Treatments

These lightweight treatments are designed to stay in hair to condition and add shine. Ideal for fine, flyaway hair.

Hair Rebuilders

These are fortifying hair-care products that penetrate the hair shaft to restore strength, vitality and texture.

Intensive Treatments

Deep-conditioning treatments are thicker in texture than conditioners, but work to hydrate, reconstruct and deliver intense shine.

Expert tips

* Treat your scalp to a weekly massage – using one of the new scalp masks – to stimulate the circulation and cleanse away dead skin cells and styling residue that collects at the roots of your hair.

* If you have dry, color treated hair, ask your salon for a deep-conditioning treatment. These work like a clear nail varnish, sealing the cuticle and giving hair a super shine.

* Give coloured hair a deluxe conditioning treatment by mixing a cocktail of cream and an oil-based treatment together. Leave in your hair for as long as you can.

* Use mild shampoo. Check for labels such as “frequent use “or “everyday shampoo”

*Use a rinse-out conditioner that coats the hair and makes it easier to disentangle.

* Blot-dry your hair – it’s best not to rub it with a towel as it causes split ends.

* Blow-dry hair on a low setting and avoid hot tools.

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