Lilly Melgar, who is most recognized for her role as “Lily Rivera Corinthos” on daytime’s General Hospital, has transformed her passion for all things natural into a delicious, fragrant collection of bath and body products, candles and roll-on fragrances.

Inspired by her vision of mind, body and soul health, the products are made with top quality botanical nourishing essences of flowers, herbs and fruit.

You will love the intoxicating fragrances and it’s the perfect collection to transform your bathroom into a DIY spa retreat.  Light up your candles, fill the tub and (dare I say) pour in a splash of the Neroli Floral Water and use one of the many sugar scrubs to exfoliate from head-to-toe. Finish with a slathering of Pomegranate Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter (my favorite!), which leaves skin with a luminous all-over finish.[/dt_cell]

5 Minutes with… Lilly Melgar

Q. Your products are a mixture of botanical essences from flowers, herbs and fruits. Was it easy for you to combine the natural ingredients to achieve such stunning scents? 

A. The thought of creating a product that had both all natural ingredients and unforgettable scents was such a passion project for me that I put so much love and care to making sure the combinations were “just right”. Was it easy? Not necessarily, was it one of my greatest pleasures? Absolutely!

Q. Will you be adding skincare to the range such as face cleansers, moisturizers and serums?

A. That is my goal. I’ve already begun with a lovely Neroli facial toner/spritzer that I personally can’t live without. It’s true floral water collected during the process of distilling the essential oil. I carry it in my purse to refresh and hydrate throughout my days. The cooling sensation and lovely floral scent is truly heavenly.

Q. Do you have a skincare routine?

A.I cleanse and tone with my neroli spritzer, then apply a peptide serum and an oxygen moisturizer. At night I use a glycolic serum instead of the peptide serum. For my body, I use one of my body scrubs two to three times a week. My scrubs are so moisturizing that I don’t need to apply anything else on those days. On the rest of the days, I use one of my whipped body butters on my whole body except my feet, where I apply one of my whipped shea butters. My products leave the skin hydrated and luminous with a healthy sheen. They also smell divine! I’m incredibly proud of my line.

Q. What’s the secret to your luscious, long locks?

A. I swear by pre-natal vitamins! I’ve also created a coconut mango leave in treatment to keep my hair healthy and shinny, not to mention smelling wonderful.

Q. The best beauty advice you’ve learnt? 

A. Feeling happy. Being grateful. That’s when one glows with true beauty. No product or make up can give you that. Although mine comes awfully clos

Q. What product won’t you leave home without?

A. Oh this is so hard! It would have to be my neroli facial spritzer.

Q. What’s your favorite scent in the range? 

A. I sincerely can’t answer this. I go through moods and phases. I’m in a serious By Lilly (white tea, ginger & gardenia blend) phase right now but I’ve gone through Carnal (Coconut Mango), Diosa (Mango Mandarin) and Impulse (Jasmine, sandalwood & vanilla) phases too!

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