All you need are a few must-have make-up items and my expert tips so you look fresh and youthful in a matter of minutes.

Instant Eye Lift

Say good-bye to dark circles and droopy eyelids when you swap your smoky eye makeup for softer textures your tired eyes look wide-awake. 

Curl lashes
To brighten and open up eyes the key is curling lashes so you need to invest in a good eyelash curler.

Counteract redness
Tired eyes tend to be red in the inner rims. I recommend lining rims with a skin toned eye pencil to make eyes look fresher and avoid warm coloured eyeshadows.

Be crafty
You need corrective concealer to counteract dark circles. Opt for a peachy toned concealer and apply directly under the eyes and blend the edges avoiding the outer corners as concealer will sink into fine lines emphasising wrinkles.

Add a lift
To lift eyes, add a shimmer under the brow line and in the inner eye corners to brighten eyes

Fuller lips

Forget over-the-top plumped up lips and go for a natural youthful smile with a few lip tricks and products.

Prime lips
Before you start, I suggest sweeping a soft toothbrush over lips to remove dry, flaky skin and boost circulation, making lips look fuller. Lip plumper’s work better on a smooth polished base.

Pencil in
To give lips a natural fuller look outline lips just above the natural lip line with a flesh coloured lip-pencil and blend the edges with your ring finger.

Shine on
Adding gloss on the centre of the lower lip pronounces the area and makes lips look fuller. Whilst adding a dab of shimmer or illuminizer on the Cupid’s bow just above the lips gives you a fuller upper lip.

Lighten up
Applying concealer to the outer corners of the lower lip makes lips turn upwards and gives you a happier smile.

Blushing Beauty

Not everyone is born with killer cheekbones but you can fake them with a combination of colours and application skills.  

Add a flush
Adding a rosy glow to the apples of the cheeks is a quick way to freshen up your face. Blend two dots on the centre of the cheeks and pat it gently till you’ve blended it completely.

Get glowing
Opt for a cream textured blush to give you a dewy look rather then a powder that will give a flat matte finish.

Colour code
If your skin has a pink tone, try a peachy colored blush and if you have a sallow complexion add warmth with a brick colored bronzer.

Glowing Base

A luminous complexion shouts youth, so go easy on powder and look for foundation formulas that have light –diffusing particles.

Keep it light
The trick to a glowing base is to keep it as sheer as possible. Apply foundation with a damp make-up sponge starting down the centre of the face and blend outwards.

Dual purpose
If you’re not into foundation use a tinted moisturiser or one of the new mineral foundations, which are as light-as- air.

Brush strokes
Use a big, fluffy brush to apply bronzer, as a small one will give you patches. Brush in downward sweeps, highlighting cheeks and brow bones, adding more depth around the edges of the face to frame it.

Blend well
The trick is not to load up too much bronzer onto your brush – tap it on the back of your hand first to dust off excess before applying and always continue down the neck and décolletage.


  • Stay clear of matte looks on the face and lips, especially in winter as lips are often drier and a youthful look is all about nourished, glowing skin.
  • Don’t over powder the face as a matt look is unflattering and ageing – You can opt for an anti-shine cream as an alternative to powder.
  • When using fake tan on the face mix it with moisturiser, stay clear of anything too brown as this can be ageing.
  • If you’ve got age spots use a very small amount of concealer and pat it onto the problem area and blend the edges.
  • Individual lashes at the outer corners of the eyes will give eyes an instant wide-awake look.
  • Avoid kohl pencil along bottom lashes, as this can be harsh and aging.


Bobbi Brown Pink-Mauve Lip-Liner, $26USD – The best flesh colored lip-liner.

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, $36USD – Plumps and hydrates while giving a high shine finish.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Robust Rhubarb, $23USD – Creates a healthy-looking glow in an instant.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, $27USD – Comes in twelve shades to cover dark circles and skin imperfections.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $21USD – Delivers perfectly curled lashes.

Make-up Forever Pro-Bronzer, $36USD – Delivers a weightless luminous finish.

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