Does your spa need an overhaul?

Los Angeles-based Beauty and Lifestyle expert Mary Zavaglia offers these expert tips.

by Alison Singh Gee – for American Spa Magazine.
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Thinking of rebranding and “repositioning” your spa? Check out our writer’s Q&A with Mary Zavaglia (pictured below), who worked on the redesign of Chuan Spa at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena, California.

DAYSPA: How do you know when your spa needs a new concept, look or menu?

Mary Zavaglia: “If you aren’t acquiring new clients, or the clients you do have are dwindling in number, you should consider repositioning. It’s easy to become complacent with products and treatments. But both clients and staff need to be excited and energized. Both need to know that you’re an innovator.

DS: How do you take the first steps toward repositioning?

MZ: “Go out to all the major spa trade shows and spa events and see what’s new and exciting. You have to do your research, and that means knowing what your competitors are doing, and knowing what your clients want.”

DS: How do you revamp your spa’s look?

MZ: “Start by creating a mood and reference board. Clip photos of spas that you like and that inspire you. Create a brief of what you want, and then team up with an interior designer and architect to refine and implement your ideas.”

DS: How do you keep your existing clients engaged in your new spa?

MZ: “Hold a ‘Goddess Night’ where you invite all your guests to the spa to experience your new products and treatments. Make sure all your new product partners are involved and that everyone takes home samples. If they like the products and the results they’ll come back and make a purchase.”

DS: How do you get the word out about your repositioned spa?

MZ: “Not many people have the budget to advertise, so I suggest that spa owners do some local research. Take a look at your local papers and magazines. Invite people from those publications to visit your spa and sample a treatment. They may well write about you. Also, make your employees your stars. For example, if one of them is especially good at eyebrow shaping, promote him or her in the local paper, and offer a limited-time discount for their services.”

DS: How else can you market your new spa?

MZ: “Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, is the simplest and most effective way to create a conversation with your clients. Update your pages with information about new trends, products or specials. Make your clients the star of the day by taking before-and-after treatment photos and posting them on social media. Emailed newsletters also keep clients engaged.”

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