When summer comes around, it’s important to remember to take extra care of your skin and hair.

As mentioned in our first summer edit, sunscreen should be applied every day, regardless of whether the sun is shining,

When the temperature rises, we tend to sweat more. This depletes the water weight in the body. Essentially, keeping hydrated is the most important thing to factor in, but you can also replenish well-needed moisture to the face and body with a range of products.

That said, It’s not only our skin that needs tending to in the summer months. When exposed to heat, the scalp and hair can be damaged.

The best way to protect the head is by wearing a hat when out in the sun.

Rinsing and washing the hair will remove the build-up of salt and chlorine, and applying a nourishing treatment will keep the hair deeply moisturised.

Skin Loving Treatments

Replenish well-needed moisture with skin-loving products that specifically target the effects of sun-damaged and dehydrated skin.

Facial oils work to penetrate the skin, providing a boost of intensive moisture to restore softness. Look for ingredients including vitamin E, lavender oil, Boab and sea kelp. These skin-loving ingredients will help soothe inflammation and redness.

And if your skin does burn, slather on a hydrating gel soon after sun exposure that will work to soothe redness.

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Sun-Damaged Hair

Hair can become dehydrated and brittle in the summer months, so it’s important to remember to protect it too.

Shield hair from harmful sun damage with a formulated UV protectant before heading out in the sun.

Liberally apply a mist to the hair and scalp to counteract the drying effects of sun, salt and chlorine and lock in moisture while smoothing hair.

A cleansing shampoo will help remove chlorine and salt build-up and balance moisture post-sun exposure. A weekly treatment mask will bring life back to dull strands and rehydrate dry hair.

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Supple Lips

Sun-damaged lips can become chapped and dry. Use a balm formulated with sunscreen to retain moisture and protect skin from burning while out in the sun.

Nourishing treatments can be used every day to keep them soft and hydrated. For extra dry lips, an overnight lip mask can deeply repair damaged skin.

Look for treatments enriched with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Shea and mango butter to deliver intensive hydration to your lips.

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By Genevieve Reynolds

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