When it comes to looking their best, the inhabitants of New York City and Los Angeles know exactly what to do or should I say whom to see. In New York it’s Dr. Darrick Antell; called New York City’s best board certified plastic surgeon, who has created quite the buzz with his Short Scar Lift. On the west coast, celebrities flock to Dr Brian Kinney, who works his magic on Hollywood stars that are hoping to land younger roles than their years.

The mini- facelift is ideal for women in their 40’s and 50’s that are experiencing the first signs of aging. With a focus on the mid-face as opposed to the entire face and jaw line, it leaves patients with minimal scarring.

Dr Antell says, “The purpose of the Short Scar Lift is to give the patients face a refreshed look, turning back the clock 5-10 years. Combining the use of fillers and Botox after surgery means that these procedures and all cosmetic surgery last much longer.”

The Mini Facelift has other names as well, the s-lift, baby boomer facelift, limited-incision facelift, or mini-lift. It works best for those who show signs of aging in the mid-face and do not have a great deal of extra skin around their jaw line and their neck. Dr. Kinney adds, “Patients are very comfortable with who they are now [so] they want to have this lift to keep them looking that same way…. They want to have procedures before they’re droopy and saggy.”

Mini Facelifts are usually done under local anesthesia, combined with a sedative that will cause you to experience some drowsiness. You will be awake during surgery but in a completely relaxed state of mind, and your face will not feel the pain, perhaps only a bit of minor discomfort and a pulling sensation.

The procedure for this type of facelift mainly attempts to reposition the parts of your face that have the most visible aging signs. The incision is about a half of the length of a regular facelift incision and does not require any incisions in the back of the ears. It is said that this type of surgery has an easier recovery process than the normal facelift does and less bruising. It takes about a week to recover but normally you can get up and start doing things after about a day or two.

At first it is known for the face to appear a little weird due to swelling and bruising but it is very important that patients are patient! In 2 weeks to a month the results will be impeccable. Scars are usually hidden and most patients have found that they disappear completely with time.

Overall this procedure is a great choice for someone looking to do a minor tweak in their appearance and give their face a subtle, refreshed and rejuvenated look. When looking into Doctors, Dr. Antell’s rap sheet is unbelievable; he has been called a true artist. Diane Sawyer is rumored to be one of his clients along with many more celebrities and high society people.

For more go to: www.drkinney.com  www.antell-md.com

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By Bella Popa & Mary Zavaglia.

Photography: Darren Tieste.

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