When the temperature gets hotter and longer days approach, we start thinking about our Summer body goals. It may be to exercise more frequently or to change up our diets, but wouldn’t it be nice to have those extra body treatments available to fast-track with toning and contouring the body?

Enter the Beverley Hills spa SCULPTERY and your prayers may have just been answered.

The ancient techniques of Wood Therapy have been used for centuries to therapeutically tone the body. This practice has since been modernized in South America and is known as maderoterapia; a massage technique carried out with wooden instruments to stimulate lymphatic circulation with one purpose being to eliminate cellulite.

Sarah Elaziz, founder of SCULPTERY spent many years researching non-invasive beauty treatments that would help with weight loss and came across wood therapy. Convinced there was more to learn about the technique, Sarah decided to delve deeper by learning all there is to know about the craft with multiple practitioners across the world.

Ice therapy treatments are another ancient technique that Sarah has adapted to help tone the face and body. The purpose of these treatments is to activate the lymphatic system which then assists in encouraging the body to burn fat cells. It works to slow down the ageing process, detoxify and hydrate while physically, the skin is visibly tighter.

SCULPTERY was since born and Sarah is now practising these original wood and ice body sculpting techniques for her many clients.

The lymphatic massage and body contouring spa have grown a celebrity following and with immediate results noticed after a single session, it’s not hard to believe why Sarah has become the original wood and ice body sculpting specialist to a list of celebrities!

How Does it Work?

SCULPTERY clients may have had their exercise regime put on hold or sidetracked after experiencing health issues or they may be simply adding a wellness session to their existing routine. Sarah will use wood tools and specially formulated ice moulds to massage the lymph nodes on the body, targeting problem areas for each individual client.

Body sculpting can be for everyone! Multiple sessions are being utilised to tighten and lift those troubled areas and ultimately contour the body.

These treatments however are not just for the physical benefits. Body sculpting helps to remove toxins by lymphatic massage, can boost circulation, balance body fluid and assist with immune function. 

The Details

Located in Beverly Hills, contact the website or DM their Instagram for bookings.



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