Innovative technology has turned up the heat on the latest hair tools and it’s never been easier to get that stepped-out-of-the-salon look.

Powerful and results-driven heating elements and sleek designs are making it easy for us to fall in love with hair that is styled perfectly in the comfort of our own homes.

If you are looking for the classic sleek look, a volumized blowout or even the ultimate wave, you are in the right place to find out more on the latest on the market.

Silver Bullet

Limitless Volumising Hot Brush

The Run Down

This humble hot brush transforms hair in just minutes. It’s as simple as brushing through your hair to achieve ultra-smooth frizz-free locks.

Not only is it great for taming straight styles, but it can also be used on curly, wavy and textured hair types. Its unique barreled design and heating elements between the brush bristles also maximize volume. Used on dry hair, this master hair tool creates curls, waves and smooths for that salon-look finish in minutes.


The lightweight hot brush means no more pain styling with a heavy hairdryer to achieve those bouncy results. It’s also great to refresh day-old hair without having to blow dry again. Just brush through dry hair. It’s quick and easy to use but keep in mind If you are using this brush on freshly washed hair, you’ll have to roughly blow dry it first but then you can let the brush do its magic.

The results? Limitless frizz-free styles in mere moments!

Mermade Hair

Pro Waver 32MM

Pro Waver 32MM

The Run Down

The Mermade range immediately makes a statement with its pastel pink styling tools. The Pro Waver 32mm is the larger of the two waver products. Compared to their ‘Mini Waver’, It uses three larger barrels to create bigger, bouncier boho waves. The waver uses the latest ceramic advances that creates easy even, crimp-free waves that last, taking your hair game to a whole new level.

The Mermade stylers achieve salon-worthy results with genius heating settings so it’s suitable for all hair types and lengths from short bobs to long locks, finer to coarser hair.

Tips & Perks

Best results can be achieved when the hair is dry, smoothed and prepped with a thermal protectant product (The brand also have their own appropriately named ‘Mermade Mist’).

You can achieve both defined and bigger waves depending on your sections and how you choose to style. After you have created your waves and your hair has cooled, use fingertips or a wide-tooth comb to softly brush out your hair for your desired look.

 Gama Professional

iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

The Run Down

A professional quality hair dryer is a must-have for transforming hair to always look it’s best. If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, then this is one tool you must have on your radar.

The salon-worthy hair dryer has stepped out with two new colours and although I am yet to trial it, the iQ Perfetto boasts powerful heat technology that dries hair faster. That’s a must have for me.

The classic silver dryer has had an update to expand the range in colours in ultra-stylish black and rose gold.


It’s light-weight size (I am talking the weight of your smartphone) means no more sore arms with quick, no-fuss styling. The dryer is so compact, you can pack it with you anywhere whether it be an overnight stay or a weekend getaway.

This game-changing dryer is also quiet and self-cleaning. Sleek hair has never been so easy whether you are at home or on the go.

Lunata Beauty

Belisa Cordless Flat Iron

The Run Down

Cordless hair stylers are becoming more available, and we can understand their popularity. The freedom of being able to style your hair without a power source is a huge YES from me.

Whether you want to achieve a straight and sleek style or effortless waves, the latest flat iron from Lunata Beauty offers cord-free styling to create beautiful hair from anywhere in your home.

Tips & Perks

Everyone loves a pretty accessory, and we are loving the sleek design of this flat iron. Not to mention that you have the choice of two colours. It’s a full-sized styler that boasts quick heating elements which we all need in our busy lives. Perks also include a locking mechanism for safe storage and dual voltage for travel.


Beachwaver S1 Sunset

The Run Down

For a woman like me who opt for a no-fuss, ‘un-done’ style, I think my problems have now been solved. The Beachwaver styler has made waves with it’s easy to use rotating barrel that magically transforms flat hair with salon-worthy style. The Sunset range has just been launched in Australia and it’s colour styler has caught my eye! The S1 has the smallest of the range at 25mm. It can be used for enhancing natural curls or creating smaller, defined waves.

Tips & Perks

The easy-to-use buttons and display that adjust between Celsius or Fahrenheit is a plus! The Beachwaver can be used on a two-speed mode and its handy heat stand and voltage capacity means it can travel with you.

By Genevieve Reynolds

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