The tinted moisturiser has been a beauty essential across the globe for decades and a favourite of mine for many years now so let’s delve deeper and I’ll share with you just what all of the fuss is about!

First and foremost, it’s a multi-purpose wonder that is made to hydrate the skin while offering a light coverage as an alternative to a foundation.

This lighter coverage means less colour pigment that can often lead us to believe they are not stay-proof like a foundation or BB cream, but brands are now stepping up and releasing a range of tinted moisturisers that in my opinion, could rival many sheer foundations on the market.

Why We Love Them?

A tinted moistuiser is your no-fuss pick on your beauty counter. It’s the easiest product you’ll apply, it feels much lighter on the skin than your usual makeup options and despite the beauty debates, it can be worn all day and even at night.

A tinted moisturiser is perfect fit for your daily routine and with its multi-tasking benefits of keeping your skin hydrated, it will also hide redness and even skin tone. It’s not always a replacement for your favourite foundation and remember it won’t replace a trusty concealer but It’s definitely great for that ‘no-makeup’ look.

What to look for

I’ve tried a long list of all different brands, formulas and finishes and for something I can wear all day that offers enough coverage with the added glow on the skin, it’s a go-to product of mine that I use daily.

Most formulas are light and can be easily blended into the skin but others are not as hydrating, so be on the lookout for skin-loving ingredients including hyaluronic acid, squalene, plant extracts and seed oils if you have dry skin.

Generally, the addition of an SPF will mattify your finish but if you find the right formula for your skin type, you are protected throughout the day which is a necessity to prevent the aging effects of UVA & UVB damage. Like all sunscreen, remember it’s important to reapply when needed.

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By Genevieve Reynolds

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