Style Icons Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner have been caught rocking this soft yet fresh look on their faces.


Let’s zero in on Jessica’s take. Oh la la lips. Although their color is nude they still manage to give a distinct contrast to the rest of her make-up. They definitely stand out, the subtle liner outlines the fullness of her lips and the clear gloss over the nude lip color is exactly what they need in order to look plump and healthy. Hydrated lips always manage to give us girls a youthful appeal.

When it comes to her cheeks its almost as if there is no blush but in fact there are hints of a very light apricot color highlighting those cheeks bones, so mild that you can barely tell. But what you do notice is that her cheekbones are accentuated which is also another big plus in trying to maintain a younger appearance. Although her overall look is soft and natural she puts a little twist on it with the eyes. Black liquid liner close to top lashes gives her the sort of elegance of an Egyptian queen.

Then, BAM! A huge contrast with turquoise liner on the bottom lash-line – A fierce compliment to her apricot cheeks. She upholds a girly glow, very feminine, yet statement making! We want this look; we also want Jessica Biel’s lips. For now all we can do is remember to use lip balm, especially during the cold months to prevent dryness and let our lips live up to their fullness potential. We don’t need vibrant colors to stand out. We can go nude in winter too…. and still be hot!

Now let’s take a look at another one of our favorite fashionistas Jennifer Garner, she is also going nude and not apologizing for it!


The first thing that stands out to me is her healthy looking glow. She must be using a really light oil free moisturizer underneath her make-up. Note that the greasy moisturizers will just make you shiny. There is a difference between shine and glow people, at least when it comes to your face! Her cheeks are like juicy peaches again the color is very subtle, the contrast is minor but the hint of peach is the perfect touch to her vibrant complexion.

When it comes to her lips the icy pink is working wonders for her, when you think Jennifer Garner I don’t believe full sensual lips is the first thing that comes to mind. But Hello! This light almost skin color shade provides just the right amount of contrast to rest of her face to make them pop like never before. Oh yeah, and ladies a little lip plumper never hurt anyone… ok maybe just a little… But it’s worth it. Jennifer has the right idea with the eyes; she’s got a little shimmer on the lids but nothing too over the top, the shadow goes really well with her lips and cheeks. They are almost all a similar shade. Then her voluminous lashes with jet-black mascara display the drama that we all know and love her for.  We love Jennifer Garner with this make-up look, natural, yet classy!

This nude make up look is something we can use everyday. When we go to work or even out to lunch with the girls. It even translates well in the evening paired with that perfect short black cocktail dress that you love so much. It keeps you looking young and fresh. You accentuate all your favorite features without looking like you are trying too hard. The nude look is definitely hot in Hollywood right now. And so simple for you to do it at home. Just remember less is more!

Article by By Bella Popa
Photography: Getty Images

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