Lipstick has the power to brighten your look and make you feel feminine and positive. It’s a known fact that during times of War, women would reach for their tube of red lipstick as a symbol of patriotism and hope. And, right now, as we deal with the Coronavirus, a little swipe of your favourite lipstick shade will go a long way to boost your morale.

Whether you’re after a classic, long -lasting lipstick colour or a sheer, glossy smile, there’s a shade and formula to suit everyone!

Here’s how to get pout perfection.

Step 1. Prepare lips

To achieve a smooth professional lipstick application you first need to prepare your lips by removing any dry or flaky skin. Use a gentle exfoliant, then apply a moisturiser or lip balm. Allow lips to settle for a few minutes and absorb their new moisture before applying lipstick.

Step 2. Apply Colour

Outline lips by following your natural lip line. If your lips are too full, outline just inside the natural lip line. If they’re too thin, draw your line just outside your lips edges. Fill in lips using a lip brush, this guarantees an even and precise application, then deepen lip colour with a second application.

Step 3. Seal lipstick

To stop lipstick from bleeding or fading you need to set it. Gently apply a single layer of tissue over the lips, remove then apply translucent powder with a large powder brush. Finish by applying a final coat of colour, then dotting the centre of the lips with a clear gloss.

Mary’s expert tips give you the key to perfect lips…

  • Dry chapped lips can ruin the effect of the best lipstick, leaving colour blotchy and uneven. Exfoliating lips with a gentle scrub will rid them of flaky skin while a clear lip balm will prevent chapping.
  • If lipstick changes colour once applied to your lips, it could be they have a blue undertone, which alters the products shade. Combat this by applying concealer to your lips prior to lipstick application.
  • If you need staying power, simply blot lipstick with a tissue. Next, using a powder brush, lightly dust lips with translucent powder then gently remove any excess. Re-apply your lipstick and voila! – you’ve got colour that’s there to stay.
  • If you have thin lips, avoid dark-coloured lipsticks as they’ll make your lips appear smaller. Beware of very pale lipsticks too, as they’ll make your lips disappear. Instead, outline lips just outside the natural lip-line with a neutral lip liner and fill with a peachy pink lip colour. Then apply a little clear gloss in the centre of the lips to complete a fuller, more natural looking pout.

My top 3 Lip Shades for Spring

Kevyn Aucoin

Unforgettable Lipstick in Enigma, $30 USD


Tom Ford

TOM FORD Lip Color Sheer in Sweet Pot, $55 USD



Juicy Shaker in 372 Berry Tale, $15.40 USD

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