During this tough time of self-quarantine, self-care has never been more important.

With all the uncertainty surrounding us, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of anxiousness and live in fear of the unknown. I have been in home isolation for over four weeks now. For someone who travels to explore all the ‘best of the best’ in beauty and wellness, this has been a hard task for me. But I have turned this into a positive by transforming my home into a peaceful sanctuary that has allowed me to write productively, prepare healthy and nutritional meals, and focus on my mental and physical well-being with Yoga and Meditation.

With all that said, I wanted to share with you some amazing products, apps and websites that will help you stay calm, healthy and feel beautiful.

Start your day with…

A delicious and healthy smoothie. Mix a cocktail of freshly squeezed orange juice, a tablespoon of green powder, like Beyond Greens, $39.99, which contains superfood ingredient to detoxify, energise and boost immunity. One tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Oil, $18:49, which helps support brain function. (which I really need!) Blend for a few minutes and voila! Your home-made smoothie is ready.

Create a Sanctuary

Having a mixture of aromatherapy oils burning during the day is extremely beneficial in helping your emotional needs. If you are feeling low and lack energy add a few drops of orange and lemon to your diffuser. For anxiousness, add Frankincense or Ylang Ylang and for a Zen atmosphere simply add Lavender.

Practice Meditation and Yoga

Yes, even starting with five minutes of meditation at the beginning of each day is beneficial. There are some wonderful apps like, Simple Habit, www.simplehabit.com,  that gently start you off with a variety of meditation sessions to suit your individual needs. If meditation is not for you, go to www.mayafiennes.com and choose one of the many on-line Yoga classes that Maya offers and for Pilates enthusiasts stretch your limbs with www.katnoelpilates.com

Keep Moving

Getting exercise in can be tricky right now, especially if you live in a small place. But I came across Grassroots Fitness Project, www.grassrootsfitnessproject.com that has virtual classes you can do that don’t require a big space. Their classes differ from others as the trainers are able to see the clients and can give critique and help with posture as though they were at the gym.

Optimize Your Immune System

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to boosting immunity and managing stress, but there are a few time-tested practices that you can add to your daily routine, to give yourself an enormous advantage. Bernadette Judge, LVN, RN (NURSE B”), Nupeutics Health Internal Wellness Expert, recommends…

  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • Getting enough sleep, at least 7.5 hours each night
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently used areas that may be contaminated, such as countertops and doorknobs
  • Reducing mental and emotional stress as much as possible
  • Limiting environmental and nutritional stressors, including processed foods and snacks with added sugars
  • Practicing proper hygiene, such as regular handwashing after using the restroom or touching commonly used items like grocery carts
  • Supplementing a well-balanced diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables with herbs, minerals, and vitamins that support better immunity, like Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C.

Apply A Daily Mask

Masks are the easiest way to give your skin a quick-pick-me-up. There are so many different varieties for every skin concern. Some of my favourites are the ancient mud masks that still reign supreme today like, Borghese Fango Brilliant Brightening Mud Mask, $60. And the latest high-tech gel masks like, Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber Mask, $14, that contain carob fruit extract to stimulate collagen as well as smooth fine lines, leaving skin with a healthy glow.

Start Cooking

It’s a very accidental way of meditating. I’m not an avid cook, but when I do engage in cooking a meal or baking, I find myself so immersed in following the recipe that I forget about everything that is happening around me or, what was troubling me earlier.

So, the simple task of cooking during this time, has become a peace-enriched event for me.

For some great recipes that are quick and easy to prepare go to: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/1947/everyday-cooking/quick-and-easy/

Nourish Your Body

After a soak in the tub or my daily shower I like to wrap my body in a light layer of body oil. I have come across a couple that I have been using that are completely non-toxic, light and non-greasy like traditional oils of days gone by. Canna Bath Coconut CBD Body Oil, $49.95, glides on easily and has a sleep-inducing effect which makes it ideal to apply before bed. Greenerways Organic 100% USDA Certified Organic Body Oils, $14.99 for a pack of three, are phytonutrient-rich body oils, each containing different essential oils to lift or calm your mood.

Your Wellness Kit

Peet Bros Shea Butter Coconut Vanilla Bath Bar, $6 Shop here

Canna Bath Coconut CBD Body Oil, $49.95 Shop here 

Greenerways Organic USDA Certified Organic Body Oils, $14.99 Shop here

Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber Mask with Firming Collagen, $14 Shop here

The Origanami Sateen Queen Sheet Set, $159 Shop here

Gurunanda Harmony Blend, $9.99 Shop here

Udo’s Choice Oil, $18:49 Shop here

Beyond Greens, $39.99 Shop here

Borghese Fango Brilliant Brightening Mud Mask, $60 Shop here


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