Going from one extreme to another isn’t always considered the healthiest way to live, unless of course, we are talking about water therapy!

Studies show that small doses of high intensity stress is extremely beneficial to our bodies and that’s why Hot and Cold Therapy also known as ‘contrast therapy’ is proving to be one of the most effective methods towards optimal health and vitality.

The ‘stressful’ exposure to extremely hot and freezing cold temperatures has a number of desirable health and beauty benefits.

And nobody knows about these benefits better than the Finnish!

This method originated in one of the coldest places on earth, Finland, where there are over 2 million saunas; with a population of 5.3 million that’s almost one sauna per every two Fins!

Due to intense winters in Finland sometimes lasting up to seven months, saunas have become a way of life, but they don’t leave it there… The Fins are known to jump into an ice cold lake after their session or even roll around naked in the snow!

At first glance this may look and sound like madness but Scientists believe that the Fins may be onto something…

CEO’s, athletes, celebrities and Sauna lovers all over North America are now taking the cold plunge into this century old therapy.

Improved Circulation and Energy

The process increases the heart rate and widens blood vessels, which instantly improves circulation in the body making one feel revitalized and energized. This is why Tony Robbins has included this practice in his every day morning routine. After his workout Tony spends five minutes in an extra hot dry sauna and follows it by jumping into a cold plunge pool. He claims it give him the energy to sustain him being on stage for 16 hours a day and he has included a sauna and a cold plunge pool in each one of his seven homes.

Helps with Joint Pain and Sore Muscles

After an intense workout or a stressful day at work the heat from the sauna is known in to relieve stiff or sore muscles while the cold plunge tackles inflammation which allows the joints to experience relief.

Mood Enhancer

When you’re looking for a little boost, the hot and cold experience is just thing you need to help release those feel good chemicals known as endorphins, which stimulate a relaxing, pleasurable response, some even call it euphoric.


Who doesn’t want to eliminate toxins from the body these days? Alternating between hot and cold has a way of activating lymphatic circulation which allows body waste to be eliminated through a ‘flushing” process that detoxifies the body.

Radiant Skin

If smooth skin and anti- aging is what seek, look no further because the hot sauna followed by a cold bath will make your pores less visible and more refined, promoting a gorgeous glow, that you’ve probably experienced from stepping out on an icy winter day. Blood flow and circulation is also increased, encouraging the growth and repair of capillary beds which makes the skin appear smoother. Going from hot to cold is invaluable for the skin, leaving it feeling plump and looking radiant.

Hot and Cold Therapy has become an international sensation (a shocking sensation at that) and just like the Fins more and more people all around the globe are incorporating its health and beauty benefits into their daily routine. Are you brave enough to immerse your body in freezing cold temperatures? I think it takes a lot of courage but if you dare to dunk, you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


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