Celebrate Earth Day, by embracing this year’s theme:  ‘Invest in our planet.’

For me, Something that is really important is keeping our oceans clean. Obviously there are far more environmental issues effecting our planet as a whole but I know I can help with this by avoiding single-use plastics, picking up rubbish in the ocean and choosing clean beauty products.

There are many ways in which we can follow suit with this year’s Earth Day theme.

We all have to remember that the small changes we make as individuals in our daily lives can impact bigger change. It is about joining forces with our communities, businesses and beyond to do our part toward making ‘green’ decisions that will lead us toward a more sustainable future.

Last year’s Miss Earth winner, Lindsey Coffey, leads by example with her activist involvement. Coffey works with multiple organizations including WWF, Greenpeace and The Humane Society. She raises awareness for environmental causes and sustainable practices.

Coffey uses natural beauty products. This would include brands that are conscious of their packaging, ingredients and ethical practices.

Like the beauty queen herself, we too should be conscious of the products we are supporting.

Looking at the bigger picture may seem out of reach but with the right mindset, no feat is too small. The key is to work together to make a difference.

It’s time to reflect on what we can do to nurture mother earth. Here is a round up of just a few of our favourite eco conscious products.

Knowledge is Flower
Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Kit
Wet Brush
Go Green Hair Detangler
Glossing Detangler
Witch Hazel Nourish Aloe Alcohol Free Toner
Last Object
Personal Care Kit

By Genevieve Reynolds

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