In todays’ society and especially right now during this challenging time with COVID-19, it’s evident that people are seeking healing not just on a physical level but on a soul level too. When it comes to health, this is the time of deep diving as opposed to just paddling across the surface.

The root of physical problems is being linked to something more than just genetics and environmental factors, we have started to see the body’s connection to the spirit and the mind and have accepted them as possible factors in contributing to the body’s wellness.

By using more than just our five senses, we have become aware of energy and how it creates our reality. The energy we create within us comes from the thoughts we think, which creates how we feel. This is an example of the body, mind connection- it seems that when the two are in sync the soul thrives and when the soul is happy, optimal wellness is generated.

Through this current understanding, a certain form of healing is being widely sought after. Energy healing- a type of healing that uses the power of thought, intention and love to heal. I had the opportunity to experience and interview a few exceptional energy healers to get their take on why people are embracing spiritual healing.

The first is Ondre Seltzer who specializes in Medical Intuition and Spiritual Care Counseling. He also works with Frequency Energy Medicine (FEM) and is an International Holistic Health Consultant.

Q: How did you realize you had the magical gift to heal?     

A: I see everything as a form of gently flowing energetic frequencies and when someone becomes sick the energy becomes out of tune. My strong empathy for people lets me know when something is wrong, so I simply retune the energy back to its natural state. It was mostly others that realized my gift more than I did, and I’m humbled by it all. I just want people to realize they have the power to heal too, despite what they’ve been told.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience in the world of healing?

A: I worked with a young lady with cancer of the spine, she was admitted into the hospital 15 days prior and a team of the 12 best doctors in California attempted to control her pain with some of the most powerful drugs in modern medicine, nothing worked. I became their last resort. Her pain was so intense she was literally screaming for help. In front of all the doctors and nurses, I placed one hand on her back and another on her leg which was the location of the severe pain. Within 15 mins the pain was gone. 2hrs later she was walking around the ward. (She had not walked in 15days.) Both doctors and nurses were crying.

Q: Why do you think that people are seeking out Spiritual healers now more than ever? 

Yes, the demand is now more than ever, and the demographics have changed. Most of my clients are made up of 18-35 years olds. The reason being that social media has created a much better-informed youth of today. They fact check everything and are seeing through the modern medical system and its lack of caring. Allopathic medicine has turned into a money-making business with no soul, which focuses too much on a quick fix. Young people want value for money and real lasting change, and they will fight for it.

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Next, I was able to speak to Lenita Vangellis a gifted energy healer and author of Ashanti’s Symphony.

Q: When did you realize you had this magical gift to heal and balance?

A: In a nutshell…? When I remembered who I was beyond this time/space reality…but I believe we all have the ability to heal. It is simply the ability to connect and sit in a space of a very high vibration (unconditional love) and is a conduit between a higher power and the client.

I have always been intensely intuitive and aware of a reality outside the five sensory one but then almost two decades ago I had what is referred to as a spontaneous Psychic awakening which catapulted me into a multidimensional, multi-sensory world and I began receiving guidance to step into service.

Q: Why do you think that people are seeking out Spiritual healers now more than ever? 

The planet is going through an evolutionary leap in consciousness. The world is designed to disconnect people from spirit by way of distraction and I truly believe this is the cause of all maladies on the planet. We are energetic beings, eternal in nature. People are waking up from a deep amnesia and beginning to question everything. The old energy way of treating the body and mind just isn’t working anymore. We must view all ailments from the perspective of the human spirit and the life force energy fueling the body. The well-being of a person is subject to so many different energy systems therefore they all need to be taken into account when any form of healing is required. Over the last few years I’ve also had an influx of more traditional counselors seeking assistance for themselves and their clients, as the framework they operate in does not allow for soul work. In my opinion, that’s where it’s at. Funny that the word Psyche means soul, but Psychology doesn’t really go there…

Q: What’s your life’s philosophy in one line?

A: Be love always, in all ways

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Finally, I spoke to Mitra Rahbar, a master intuitive healer, psychic, teacher and the author of Miraculous Silence.

Q: Tell me about when you discovered the magical gifts you possess?

A: When I was seven years old in Iran, we had this very religious High Priest who was considered a seer and a psychic, come to our house. He looked at my forehead and stated, “She has what I have”. Then he put his hand on my forehead and said it again.  I knew this was a very special moment. I became very drawn to psychic energy and started having prophetic dreams. My entire childhood was a journey of discovering my special gifts, it wasn’t just any one particular moment.

Q: Why do you think people are seeking psychic and spiritual healing now more than ever?

To me it’s a return to light. We all see the challenges in the world, and we realize we need something more to get past them and the spiritual world is that more. It’s the unseen. So, we’re taking a leap of faith towards it because what’s seen hasn’t been working. We are realizing it’s all about light and goodness. It’s about healing. It’s about love. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about the release of ego. It’s about peace. We are being attracted to goodness deep within us and essentially returning to our core.

Q: What advice do you have to someone who is seeking out spiritual healing for the first time and how can they know if the person they seek the healing from is authentic?

I think initially it is important for the person to start working on themselves first. When one begins this type of work by looking within themselves, they are opening their heart chakra and their minds to a new vision. This helps build their own awareness so that they can easily sense when someone is authentic or not. You’ll get a little pinch in your stomach or a tingle in your body when something doesn’t feel right. You can become more in tune with yourself through meditation or meditative walking. You can read a book by Marianne Williamson or even read my book, Miraculous Silence, then you have to learn to trust your body, trust your soul. It will guide you. You can find the healer within, the healer in your own breath because we each have a healer within us.

It was an enlightening experience to connect with these beautiful souls. One thing they all clearly agreed upon is that now is a time of great awakening. We can see that the methods of the past are not working so we are seeking new solutions and what we are coming across is much deeper. We are finding the answers within and trusting what we can’t see. The physical world is limited but the spiritual one is limitless and by embracing its vastness we are beginning to see astonishing results. Spirituality allows us to find the inner calm and peace to help us deal with whatever life brings, no matter what one’s beliefs are or where they may be on their spiritual journey. I hope you find yours!

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