Forget, knock you overpowering perfumes that enter the room before you do. Fragrance is now taking a more personal turn. Different scents send different signals, so read on to find the best one to suit you!

Rules of attraction

You might not catch the man of your dreams, this Valentine’s Day with perfume alone, but these fragrance tips just might give you the edge!


Floral, fruity, fragrances act as a supple, flirt, alert signal. You’ll send out confident, attractive vibes that will make his head turn when you breeze on by. Floral and citrus scents also help to create a romantic mood, so pick one of these when you’re heading out on a special date.


You don’t have a boyfriend, but who cares, not you! You’ve got your friends and you’re having a brilliant time! A fragrance that contains green and citrus scent will help you to show this mood to the world.


You’re on a date with the perfect guy, he’s walking you to your door and oh my God,  you think you’re about to receive your first real kiss! Make sure you’re wearing an intense earth sent to help transform a humble peck on the cheek to pure bliss!


Mellow, soothing scents, reflect comfort and serenity. When you know you have a handle on your relationship in life in general, look for a perfume that suits this mood even if your life is a little on the chaotic and stressful side, fragrance, like this can help to calm you down.

Did you know…
A fragrance never smells the same on any two people. Your diet, skin type, and even the soaps and lotions you use help to determine how Fragrance will smell on you. For example, eating fatty foods makes your perfume smell stronger.

Expert Tip:
Pleasant aromas improve the mood of anyone who smells them. You smell with your brain, not your nose. Scent stimulates the part of the brain that relates to memory, emotion, and sexual drive.

In the mood?

Explore my curated selection of fragrances, thoughtfully chosen to perfectly match your mood and elevate your personal essence.

Zest for life

Ingredient: Citrus
Mood: Effervescent, joyful
Lolita Lempicka

Ingredient: Fig
Radiant, Ethereal
Tocca Lucia

Soothing Whispers

Ingredient: Vanilla
Mood: Relaxed, amorous, contemplative
Rose Noir

Ingredient: Floral
Sophisticated, Mysterious
Oscar de La Renta Alibi

Confident Aura

Ingredient: Chypre
Mood: Bold, self-assured, grounded
Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal

Ingredient: Woody
Bold, Adventurous
Parfums de Marly Althair


Ingredient: Greens
Mood: Amiable, hopeful, guarded

Ingredient: Citrus
Refreshing, Vibrant
Parfums de Marly Valaya –


Ingredient: Ylang Ylang,
Mood: Passionate, tender
Bo Espiritu

Ingredient: Floral
Romantic, Soft
Kenneth Cole Blush


Ingredient: Orange Blossom
Mood: Lighthearted, whimsical, harmonious
KILIAN Paris Love, Don’t Be Shy –

Ingredient: Orange Blossom
Uplifting, Joyful
Jo Molone Orange Blossom –

Keep glowing, lovelies! A dash of your signature scent elevates not just your vibe but your entire aura.


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