Life routines can be complex and no two are the same.

The way we keep up our daily rituals, especially in the winter months, can assist in improving our overall mood and keep our immune system at its best to fight the flu and infection. It’s so important to keep track of our diets, exercise and self-care practices so we can all enjoy a happy and healthy life.

I recently spoke with Mellisa Gribble, Director of the family-owned herbal remedy business Pharma Botanica who shared her winter routines and tips for keeping a healthy body and mind throughout winter.

Keep exercising  

Feeling sluggish and fatigued in winter is common so you are not alone! It can be hard to think about early morning strolls or a workout post work in the dark. If you battle through it, it can be a routine you can be proud of, making your day just that little more satisfying. Melissa mentions she has an infrared sauna for 25 minutes once a week as a great detoxifying treatment for her body. Resting the body is also important but it’s also important to keep moving the body.

“You might feel tempted to lay in bed all morning because it’s cold, but this can hurt your sleep pattern.”

Why not try one of the many home workout apps and YouTube channels to keep you motivated and sleeping well?

Tip: My favourite workout app that  I have been using for a while now is FitOn.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the cooler months is just as important as it is in Summer. Optimum water intake can boost the immune system and helps to fight off infection in winter.

What we may forget is that we still exert energy keeping the body warm and wearing heavy clothing that depletes our body fluids.

Inadequate water intake can cause fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, migraines, and even dizziness. I find myself skipping out on my fluid intake if I don’t keep a bottle nearby – I have to remember to take it in the car with me or on my walks to avoid the signs of dehydration.

Alcohol, being a diuretic can also deplete fluids rapidly so it’s the perfect time for a detox.

Tip: Melissa begins her day with warm water and lemon juice.

Warm filtered water alone or infused beats trying to guzzle down icy cold water on those wintery days and it’s better on the body for easier digestion.

Eat a balanced diet  

It can be easy enough to crave those heavy, carb-loaded meals when the days start to get longer, often being our bodies’ response to protect the body and out of convenience after a long day. Making unhealthy food choices can leave us feeling sluggish and cranky.

If we continue to look after our bodies with the food we put into them, we can expect a positive change in our moods and mindset which is important when we can have less motivation to move in winter.

Melissa says, “Drop the salty snacks and sugary treats for more greens and whole foods.”

A balanced diet with minimal salty-rich and processed foods will not only give you more energy but will keep the body healthier and less prone to colds and infections.

Tip: Hearty soups and vegetable stews are a great way to satisfy the body, keeping it warm and nourished.

Keep up the vitamins

In addition to keeping up our fluids, moving the body on a regular basis and eating better, we can also boost our immune, energy levels and mood with the use of prescribed vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies. It is best to speak to a practitioner who can advise the best options to cater to your specific health needs.

About the brand:

Pharma Botanica has created a business with the philosophy being that ‘Nature has always provided the answers.’ The products are made with love in Australia and the naturopathic remedies only contain pure whole herbs that are slowly dried, crushed and encapsulated.

Melissa’s daily naturopathic regime in Winter is MSM Alive, Lymphatic Friend & Livermate. The combination helps to boost the immune system to reduce the risk of falling ill. Liver Mate contains the medicinal plant Barberry, nature’s most potent anti-biotic.

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By Genevieve Reynolds

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