Learning to accept we have inner wounds can be a difficult thing to do. But there is no shame in it, we all have them. If we can get past thinking we are these perfect creatures we may be able to access deeper parts of ourselves, ones that are not always pretty, mind you, but if we face them, we can start shining the light that makes the darkness a little less scary.

We live in a time where seeing the outside as merely a reflection of the inside is not such an outrageous idea and thank the heavens for that because people are actually starting to change themselves.  When we look within, sometimes we find ugly stuff, past traumas, fears, anger and resentments. Most of us are carrying a whole boatload of a mess around.

It’s not all a disaster though because when we look right into the mess instead of sweeping it under the rug, we start desiring to clean it up. That’s when we bust out the cleaning supplies.

Cleaning our own internal mess has an array of effective methods to get the job going. From meditation to yoga to eating clean to taking frog medicine poison. Whatever you choose to tidy up your spirit is up to you, but I think we can all agree that the intention is to replace negative energy with positive energy. That’s why energy healing is a great tool. I’d like to focus on Reiki because hey I’m a certified Reiki practitioner and I’ve seen it work.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan over 100 years ago. Using a hands-on method, the practitioner channels a universal energy, to provide clients with relief. There are many forms of Reiki, but they all go by the basic principle that the practitioner puts their ego aside to become a clear channel for this pure, loving and intuitive energy.

Through prayer, meditation and setting a clear intention, the practitioner activates sacred symbols in the energy field of the client and in their hands to allow the energy to flow. Normally the practitioner’s hands get very hot and when they are placed on certain areas of client’s body, magic happens. Oftentimes a clearing of dense and negative energies is initiated, and the clients experience can range from blissful to tranquil to straight up having an outburst of intense emotion. There is a re-balancing and release that goes on, it feels different for everyone, but you always receive the experience you need for your highest good.

Reiki focuses on the different chakras, which are energy center’s in the body. Each chakra represents different functions of the body and spirit and Reiki helps get those centers aligned. One of the most common chakras that needs healing is the heart chakra which is located in the center of your chest. The heart chakra correlates with love, compassion and forgiveness. When we have a broken heart, it can block our heart chakra and we have a difficult time feeling love again for ourselves and others. Reiki is a great way to heal the heart among so many other things.

Who should try Reiki?

Anyone that is open to it and wants to heal themselves should give Reiki a shot. If a person is closed off and not ready to face themselves as the source of their own mishaps, they will have a difficult time accepting this powerful energy. But for people who are looking for solutions and want to improve themselves and their lives, Reiki is perfect. Anyone that feels anxious or depressed would also benefit a lot. People who have physical pain or a medical condition have benefited greatly as well because according to the Reiki teachings all physical pain starts as emotional.

The benefits of Reiki are countless, including a better mood, more restful sleep, more energy, a happier demeanour and a deeper sense of peace.

It’s nice to live in a time where people want to help themselves and Reiki along with other acts of self-care is making a huge difference. They say if you want to change the world start with yourself and healing the body, mind and spirit reflects a different, better world back to you. If we start to give ourselves a little bit more love and compassion, I believe we can then give a little more to everyone else and from that place true solutions emerge! But it all starts with you!

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